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Penned by JB Williams - (12/1/11)

The good thing about hitting rock bottom is that there is nowhere to go but up from here. We certainly hit rock bottom with the Obama administration, now officially replacing the Carter administration as the worst in U.S. history.

So let me just say what everyone else is thinking, but won’t say… Who cares who wins the Republican primary for the 2012 election cycle? Any of the Republican candidates will be better than Obama and yet, none of them will be the solution to our problems. So, who cares who wins the primary? Whoever it is, every American should vote for them next November, no matter who wins the primary.

Why should we waste another minute or another penny on the Republican primaries, seriously? It makes no difference which one of the current candidates wins. Let’s just all agree to vote for the Republican winner next November and move on.

There! Now, can we focus on much more important things?

The solution to our nation’s problem will not come in the next federal election, just like it didn’t come in the last federal election, despite all the Tea Party winners who have done nothing to stop the rush towards the cliff since 2010.

In fact, politicians in general will not be the solution to our nation’s woes. Only the people can solve the problem now, as our government passed the point of no return in 2006 when Democratic Socialists won control of both houses of Congress and drove the economy into the toilet by 2008—and then 2008 when a totally ineligible and unfit nobody became Dictator-n-Chief of the United States.

Obama’s cabal of mental midgets and moral misfits are the laughing stock of the free world. Daffy Duck could defeat Obama in 2012, unless Americans remain divided by the lack-luster pool of Republican candidates who can’t get the job done either, in which case, they deserve to live under the boot of Obommunism.

Just agree to unify behind the anti-Obama candidate in November 2012 and that issue is handled. Face it – no single individual can solve this nation’s challenges. It will take millions of people moving in the same direction at the same time to alter the course of history.

Now that the three branches of the Federal Government functions as one international anti-American unit, the nation can only be saved at the state level. That’s where our focus must be, while we wait to see which anti-Obama candidate we are all going to vote for next November.

Rule #1 – You can’t get good government from a sick society. These people vote!

Rule #2 – Your Federal Government sold you out long ago.

Rule #3 – Your government of, by and for the people was replaced by a government of, by and for political elitists.

Rule #4 – Nobody in Washington D.C. is on your side.

Rule #5 – It is 300 million citizens against about 1000 ruling class elitists. Who should be scared?

Rule #6 – One person can do nothing, but millions of people working together can do anything they want.

Rule #7 – Freedom and Liberty are the only Constitutional entitlements that matter at the end of the day.

Rule #8Well Organized defeats disorganized every time.

Rule #9 – Opinions are not as valuable as facts.

Rule #10 – You are either the solution, or the problem – an active or passive participant. There are no sidelines…

Rule #11 – You must be more committed than your enemies to win.

Rule #12 – You must be smarter than your enemies to win.

Rule #13 – Save most states and you have saved the nation.

If we want our country back, we will have to take it back, one community, one county and one state at a time. To save this nation, we must begin by saving our local, county and state governments. We must place them in a position of financial independence from the bankrupt Federal Government.

To do that, we must place our states in the position to reject federal mandates that are bankrupting our states and causing federally dependent state governments to act with loyalty to the federal feeding trough instead of the people of the state.

Of course, to do any of this, you must be more than just awake and concerned. You must be smart enough to work with others of like mind and commitment. You must be willing to work in a common direction with others doing the same in their areas, so that your local action can have a national impact.

You must not be distracted by the daily diet of diversions and you must not act like a star fish, to be eaten by the next seagull passing by.

Unlike the mindless misfits of the political left which marches in lockstep because there isn’t an original thought in the lot, we are all independent thinkers. But we all have a common purpose and we must be smart enough to work together, or all of us are left impotent against a very well organized, unified, funded and armed enemy.

If you are smart enough to have a clue what is happening in this country today, you are smart enough to be scared. The question is – does the fear paralyze you or does it motivate you? Are you fighting for freedom and liberty for all, or are you working a personal agenda?

If you bleed red, white and blue and are motivated to do something right, you simply need to do something that actually matters.

There are no sidelines. There is no place to sit this one out. Each American patriot is either an active part of the solution, or they are by default, part of the problem. Each individual must choose, but they must choose now.

JB Williams

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Well written and absolutely true. However, the Platitudes and attitudes people who need to be convinced of the verity are those not even AWARE of the existence of this organization and those also listening to the Anti-Veteran, anti-oathkeepers, anti-Tea Party cabal of the Communist left, progressive parasites and democratic demons. If one must paint them with a broad brush they are all ANTI-CONSTITUITION AND AMERICAN CITIZEN, It Rather begs the question doesn't it, that if we lack the organization to vote in a unified fashion and oppose what we know to be WRONG and stand against; THEN WHAT ARE WE?If we are relegated to individual choice in order to be effective due to media interference or methods of voter intimidation or other chicanery and fraud which we KNOW beforehand will be legion,can we generate enough strength to win? Only time and the best effort of us all to coordinate to the maximum effect will tell the tale.And, if in all our history, there has been one election that decent law abiding, constitutionally oriented American Citizens  MUST, of NECESSITY be victorious, it is the 2012 election and, it MUST be at every level; from municipal to Federal.Otherwise, there is only a single option left and can we then mount the strength to execise it? Only time and circumstance can provide the answer.

Ever hear of a man called Ron Paul? He's our Veteran and our only hope! He's not perfect. But miles ahead of the pack. Don't forget that Perry had his meeting with the Illuminati a few months back. Usually they have the final say on who gets elected. And don't forget the apathy of America. The Republicans and Dems are all cut out of the same fabric. We have to wake up America on the 4th of July. To turn out and vote Nov. 2012!

   Ron Paul is no savior and as for the secret societies go,there is no proof that they controll who does or does not

get the nomination.I would love to see proof of the illuminati's controll over world politics.

Try yesterday's passage of S1867. And before you say it will never make it thru the House of Representsatives, it already had; and, by a vote of 322-96 and as usual, pretty much behind closed doorsand with little public knowledge that such legislation even existed. Basoicall, it sispends the Constitution and allows the militsry to asrrest and imprison indefinitely, and without trial, anyone deemed any kind of a threat and, if subsequentrly found innocent of any transgression at a latrer date, may STILL be held rather than released!.This is FAct, NOT FICTION!

Brian........I would like to read the House bill that passed.  What's the Bill number?  A lot of crap gets started without factual basis.......I'm not saying unacceptable legislation might be in the works but I want to read it for myself.......let's see it.

I would also like some help in finding in S1867 where it discusses repeal of UCMJ language, arresting American citizens, etc.   S1867 is massive so can someone point me to areas, paragraphs, etc to take a look???

There is a supplemental article in which reporter Joel McDurmon gives some additional information with references to specific parts of the bill but without identifying it by the number under which the House passed it, just the result as I previously posted. there is more information in the piece which was published on the 29th of November concerning supporting staments by Lindsay Graham and Kelly ayotte of N H. The bill was apparently sponsored by Carl Levin and John McCain and the web address is listed for your convenience  and examination below: I hope you find it helpful in tracking down the informatiion you seek. in the right hand column of the address below are a listing of popular posts including the Senate approving military sodomy and bestiality by a 93-7 vote and a "law of War," article as a follow up confiming extreme powers of "indefinite detention. They can be accessed from the address below:



When I read the original article on the passage of S.1867, I was upset enough to have not noticed a mention of the House passage Bill Number; only that the vote had been 322 -96. I do not know what the original number of that bill may have been because like so much else that has changed in our lifetime, there is little public notification of ANY legislation that does not come almost wholly from Consevative , patriotic sites like this one. I knew that generally most bills are passed in the House prior to the Senate but I never even heard of the respective bills in EITHER house until the notification of passage. I seem to recall the oiginal emails as having come from the Patriot Update and , I think Vision 2 America from a few days back but I no longer have them. I am usually more circumspect than on this occasion but I was literally stunned that there was even such legislation being CONSIDERED, let alone passed; even by this Marxist megalomaniac and his fellow travellers in Congress. Sorry not to be of more help and if there is another such event, you can be sure I will fully document it.

I've heard the illuminati's control stories most of my adult life. One thing's for sure, THE AIRWAVES WERE FULL OF THE FACT REAGAN COULDN'T WIN BECAUSE THE ILLUMINATI WASN'T FOR HIM!!!!    JUST GOES TO SHOW YOU WHAT PRAYER AND GOD'S PEOPLE CAN DO!

I am afraid we wont see an election in 2012. I dont believe TPTB will take a chance on losing and they have an alternate route to solidify their power and stranglehold on America. I am not sure if it will be martial law or what, but they have something up their sleeve.

If I am wrong on this I believe the election will be a sham. I dont trust them nor should I. At this point whoever is on the opposing ticket will get my vote.


Ern, I agree with you. But i've found that everyone feels like us. But i have found no one who wants to DO anything about it! Everyone is complacient and apathic. If there isn't a far bigger rally for this 4th of July. Far bigger than the one in 09, it's over. If we don't show a large opposition. We woun't have a election in 2012! I never thought that we'd become a nation of wimps in my lifetime! Where is all the men who went to war?

Most of us are either pretty old or too disabled or both as a result of the service to the country that has betrayed our honor and our service. I am outraged as a 100% disabled Vietnam Veteran. Few if ANY of the scum in Washington ever served as we have. It is incredible to me that John McCain would sign this abortive legislation, denying Constitutional freedoms and the traditonal rules of law for what is being called the LAW of WAR in "Battlefield America",in the name of National Security and, had it not been for the efforts of Ron Paul,,forcing a roll call vote. We would never have known WHO voted for it., as they had not the courage to sign until forced to. Note that once again as with DADT and Obamacare, there was no opportunity for the electorate to VOTE; only be adversely impacted by the oppression of the federal goverment gone wild; a monolithic and increasingly Marxist Monster which is devouring our liberties and eventually our sovereignty. I am frustrated beyond belief but the truth of the matter is, I simply am not healthy or young enough to reisist.I am sure that this is true for many, many others.But, I will resist in whatever ways I can and it is all ANYONE has the right to ask of any of us.



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