I'm hoping y'all will post helpful information for the seasoned gardener and also for the beginners. Me personally I'm looking for info about Green House/Chicken Coops. What you have tried, what has worked and what has not. Plus please feel free to offer any other farming tried with results information you think would be helpful for us all as we all need to be planning for hard times.

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You will find just about anything and everything you need to know right here on The Survival Podcast.  I became a member.  The kudos are fabulous.

Just got the sweet peas in. Two days late (St. Patricks day) is the time to plant. Rest of 1/4 acre to be sown sometime in May. Hope this year is better than last. Only thing that did really did  well was the banana peppers. Our soil is sandy loam and acidic, so lime will be in order this year as well as 10-10-10 fertilizer.
I tried raising Corn and Potatoes in Rialto Calif. The Sun burnt them up. I have raised complete gardens in Michigan. In Michigan plant as soon as the weather breaks and there is no danger of freezing. In a greenhouse you must control the temp and humidity. If you have fish tanks in your house use the old water on your plants. We tried this in Alaska and everything grew twice as fast and 3 times as big then the year before. Also fish guts if you fish bury them in your garden, they make things grow very well and fast. We had an Orange tree in Calif. that never produced, we buried 200lbs of fish entrails at its base. It has produced great Oranges for the last 10 years. Hydrogen Peroxide used as a spray on the leaves and used to water the plants also helps a lot. Gene
IF the Obama regime gets its way, gardening will NOT be allowed, especially organic gardening without an outrageous cost for a license.  The next best approach is to purchase dehydrated food from companies that will provide food for storage for families of two or more or you can store yourself for periods of a year or longer. 
Makes one ask, "How evil are they?"
The Survival Podcast - Doesn't seem to be working right now???
hey guys!!  I've been raising "meat rabbits" for two years now.  They are so easy to raise and breed, that you will be amazed at how fast they reproduce.  Rabbit meat is extremely high in protein and has almost 0% cholestrol.  The saying they "taste like chicken" applies here.  Mine are Norweigans and grow to about 10 to 15 lbs.  Plus you get the fur skins to use with easy preperation that can be everything from slippers to mittens or even a coat if you want.  Start out with only a mating pair unless you really want to get things going.  Cut and store your own hay and clover in the summer to feed out in winter.
I have a tomato tree and several packet of seeds for different veggies

There are many people that can't have a garden due to where they live, me included. I do however have access to a great farmers market every friday, downtown Vero Beach. Either way you get your fresh food it still must be preserved to last a long time.

I found a great web site that can show you how to bake bread when you don't have an oven, how to can, make healthy cereal, and so much more....and its free. I am posting the link to that site at the end of this email. Make sure you check everything you are interested in learning about.

I also suggest that you consider buying oil lamps...and a good stock of oil for the lamps.You will need to store water, lots of it. I buy several cases a week at Sams.I save milk jugs and plastic juice bottles, wash them and fill them with tap water to be used for cleaning things, including people! I pray that things don't reach this point, but a lot of people are beginning to talk about it. Even if nothing happens we still have food to eat, and knowledge our forefathers would be proud of.

http://www.preparedpantry.com/index.html   You will have to prowl around to find what you want....


Small world Carol!  My wife and I worked that farmers market for about a year.  Louisana food, shrimp po-boys ect.  I got sick and we had to stop.  I love that market as well as Nelsons here in Port Saint Lucie.


Thanks for all the hints.  I have tried to grow beans, tomatoes, cucumbers ect and have killed them all.  I think its the berrys from the Pepper trees sourounding my house but it could just be me and a brown thumb.  Im going to read these sites and find out just what to do cuz i believe we will need everything we can grow sooner than later.

I look forward to checking out the site you recommend!! Sounds just like what I am looking for!! Thank you for posting it!!


We are trying multiple methods of food storage and food sources.  Last year we added a small freezer in the kitchen (about the size of a smaller sized refrigerator.  Our backyard is small, but 2 garden beds were converted from flowers to vegetables.  In Texas, we had two growing seasons.  In the cold weather, we had broccoli, cabbage, and brussel sprouts.  In the early spring, we planted tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and yellow crook neck squash.  There are a lot of containers on our back porch area with lots of herbs, cherry tomatoes and green onions.


In the house, we have two hydroponic gardening machines.  They are small and fit on the kitchen counter.  They are used to jumpstart our seeds indoors and then one is used for cherry tomatoes and the other for lettuce year round. 


Our next addition is a food dehydrator.  Other members of our family have successfully used them on fruits and to make jerky.


The pantry in our home is a closet that we converted and added a lot of shelves.  The food is planned now for 4 months. 


Finally, we have also begun to add dehydrated foods that are portable and don't take up much space.  I was surprised how good they tasted.  To save money on that, we began our own website selling the dehydrated food to others.  I will not be "shameless" and advertise it here.  If anyone wants our website address, just write to me.


That's about all I can think of for now.  Hope this helps.



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