Constitutional Emergency

World banking cartel and the foreclosure of America

I've been trying to figure out why the Left-wing Democrats are so afraid of judge Bret Kavanaugh.

And also why they all want to impeach or get rid of President Donald Trump so much.
The fury and intensity of the attacks from the opposition seems to be a little overboard even for these normally hostile political adversaries. The whole thing just seems a little extreme. I think I've finally figured it out.

Their secrets were exposed when they attempted to seize the Nevada Bunkerville land of the Bundy ranch and also the Oregon land from the Hammond ranchers family.
Now Ryan Bundy is running for Governor of the State of Nevada. But he really doesn't have much of a chance of winning that race and the reason is there is so much money out there that is being poured into his defeat. Why so much money just to defeat a potential political gubernatorial candidate? It's the same reason they hate Donald Trump and why they fear judge Bret Kavanaugh sitting on the Supreme Court.

It's all about the money. How many times have we all heard the saying “Follow the Money”? Only this time it's all a whole lot bigger than just a few million dollars we're talking about, or even a few BILLION. It's more than just that pile of uranium that's sitting under that land in Nevada and Oregon.

It all goes back to President Richard Nixon. We all know that Richard Nixon took the US financial system off of the Gold standard of our currency supply in 1973. Nixon signed us over to what we now call the FIAT money currency system. This shifted our US currency system away from the US Treasury over to the Federal Reserve Banking system. That Federal Reserve Banking system is owned by a private banking cartel. It is NOT part of the United States Government.

But what we've never heard about was the fact that Nixon didn't actually want to do that, he was completely opposed to it. And in fact Nixon attempted to fight them and he tried to stop them. That's the real reason Nixon was nearly impeached and was forced to resign.
So what does all that have to do with President Donald Trump, the Bundy ranch, and Bret Kavanaugh?

Follow the Money; Here's the real reason they wanted to get rid of Richard Nixon. In 1977 the World Banking cartel foreclosed on the American debt system and the US dollar. Nixon saw it coming and tried to stop them. When they foreclosed on the US dollar they confiscated all the land within the borders of the Continental United States plus Alaska and Hawaii. The banking cartels took financial possession of ALL the land mass of the United States. THAT is why they felt so comfortable about taking the Hammond land in Oregon and the Bunkerville land in Nevada, that's why the US Government claims that the Bundy's don't actually own their own ranch. Because technically they don't , in fact we don't own anything. No wonder Nixon was opposed to it.
So again; What does all that have to do with President Donald Trump, the Bundy ranch, and Bret Kavanaugh?

They're trying to foreclose again. The US Debt has reached over 1.25 TRILLION Dollars. And that doesn't count what they call our UN-Funded debt like Social Security and all those Government pensions we pay out every month. I wont even try to guess what our actual debt is. The system is far to over-loaded, the system is bloated and it IS going to come crashing down sooner or later, there's no way around it.

But this time since they already own all of the land and the minerals, what's left for them to take? The answer will probably make you just a little angry. The only thing left in America for the banking cartels to seize is all your money, all your savings, and income. YES – ALL OF IT.
Every last penny. Not only everything you may have in a savings account, 401k, Money market account, Stock Market, or any place else, but also your total income for the next one hundred years or more. Just like Richard Nixon - President Donald Trump is opposed to it and he is fighting to stop them. And if this thing ever hits the Supreme Court they do NOT want someone like a Bret Kavanaugh sitting on that court.

Welcome to the new world order. Well what the hell did you think it meant?

How dangerous are these people?
They killed President Abraham Lincoln when he tried to create the US Green-Back dollar bill. Yes it does go back that far, in fact it goes all the way back to just after the revolutionary war.
They killed President William McKinley when he attempted to fight them. (The New York bankers felt that he had betrayed them).
And the killed President John F. Kennedy also when he tried to fight them. Nixon knew this, he was warned. That's why he resigned, - before they killed him too,

What are my sources for all this? Look up some of the following;
Bretton woods accord.

Jekyll Isle accord.

The Green-Back Dollar bill;

The US Treasury:

The US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation;

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