Many of you should start doing a little reading....these books have tried and true it, know it. You cannot fight alone, but you cannot fight together.

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Here's another one for you
Absolutely - I've been passing out copies of that to Sherrif's Deputies, Texas State Troopers, County Court Judges, Military Men - Anyone I can find that needs to start making their decision and making it quick - Are you loyal to the System, regardless of the consequences? Or to the Constitution and the People of the United States of America?

I've also handed out more copies than I can imagine to random people I talk with - It's a fantastic breakdown of the problems we face and the description of how they are interlocking, deliberate and purposeful. Great document no doubt.

I've heard Jack McLamb speak several times and had the opportunity to meet him once - Man's doing more for the cause of Liberty, American Sovereignty and a Constitutional Republic than most anyone I've met.

I need to look through this....I will read it first, my military background interferes.....if they had left Dracula out of the picture and kept it in the real world.....well, I am overly logical. It may need a re-write to become a truly effective argument.....But, there are those who will identify.....I will check it out.

The point to the article is that those in power, those that TRULY control the destiny of our country, are as vampircal a creatures as the world as ever seen. The document is not inciting that Police or Military are, it is accusing the powers that CONTROL those entities are the vampires, feeding upon the work, knowledge and fortitude of the People of this Nation. It is a document that lays out the entire scheme of the problems that we all see but does so in a manner where people are able to easily see the purpose tying all these things together. Its intent is to cause a decision to be made in the Police and Military, to decide where their allegiances lie.

This is written b a man who has truly been there and done that - who's C.O. in the Phoenix P.D. was, after continually trying to fire him because of his Constitutional lectures and newsletters to other officers then being told by the Advisory Board that was illegal, eventually put him on the night shift in the most dangerous part of Phoenix and ORDERED the other officers NOT to respond to backup calls from him. He was retired on a medical after falling down a flight of stairs and apprehending a drug dealer by handing onto his foot because his neck and back was so injured he couldn't stand up. Check Jack McLamb out - this is truly a real Man -

Don't disregard a hell of a piece of information because of assumptions or semantic disregards. I gotta tell you, it would definitely be a mistake.

WOOF said:

I need to look through this....I will read it first, my military background interferes.....if they had left Dracula out of the picture and kept it in the real world.....well, I am overly logical. It may need a re-write to become a truly effective argument.....But, there are those who will identify.....I will check it out.

As I said, I will read it. I know about the Trilateralists, CFR, Bilderbergers, etc. 10 years ago I wouldn't have believed it. Now we know. The time for being convinced about globalism is past and it is time to enrich our "know how to" skills.
A real Bible imparts:

Luke 22:36 (King James Version)

Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.

There can be only one source authority, although many versions may be used as study material.


A code enforcement guy stopped and asked me about a fencing permit when I was building my fence, I live in the country. I told him to go get it and by the time he got back I'd be finished with the fence. He told me I would have to answer to him eventually, I informed him that I only answered to two authorities, the one I called papa is dead and the other I call Father is immortal so he was gonna hafta get in line behind God.....last I ever heard from him. Sa vis pacem, parabellum.....I put my faith in God for salvation, I always put my faith in training for mission accomplishment. My authority is my right to be a sovereign person under the constitution.

God created man, Colonel Colt made us equal.
WOOF - you're my kind of guy. Fights are to be avoided if at all possible, if not possible - a fair fight is only fair if I win. I'm just funny that way. Unfortunately, you are absolutely correct - ."You cannot fight alone, but you cannot fight together." But, that doesn't mean you can't deal yourself into the game.
At some point this circumstance will be escalated for us and we will either prove the courage of our convictions or lie down beneath the scourge of tyranny. Thanks for the literature downloads, I long ago loaned my hard copies out and this will save me chasing replacements down.

I will be posting a pdf copy of "The Death Dealers Manual" and a couple of other out of print "spook" booklets next week. My daughter is making herself a copy of them and I won't have them back until Sunday.

Keep a weather eye on your six. And everyone out there download theliterature as you can and pass it out to your like minded friend, family and neighbors. You can never be to educated.
Yea, the you cannot fight together was we will not be able to mass forces and will be forced underground into cell formations.... if this goes south. I don't see the government coming into line....but stranger things have happened. I sure don't want a fight but if it come to that.....yea i will deal myself a hand on my ground on my terms, I just loaded up another book, Special Operation Unconventional warfare manual from Nov 08

Bible \Bi"ble\ (b[imac]"b'l), n. [F. bible, L. biblia, pl., fr. Gr. bibli`a, pl. of bibli`on, dim. of bi`blos, by`blos, book, prop. Egyptian papyrus.]

1. A book. [Obs.]


2. The Book by way of eminence, -- that is, the book which is made up of the writings accepted by Christians as of divine origin and authority, whether such writings be in the original language, or translated; the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments; -- sometimes in a restricted sense, the Old Testament; as, King James's Bible; Douay Bible; Luther's Bible. Also, the book which is made up of writings similarly accepted by the Jews; as, a rabbinical Bible.

3. A book containing the sacred writings belonging to any religion; as, the Koran is often called the Mohammedan Bible.

No way......and here I thought that the main stream media was handling that these days(sorry cynicism is a specialty these days)......I understand, the original meaning of the word bible, though somewhat obsolete, is book....otherwise the current meaning of bible is sacred book as time goes man cannot live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of G-d. And you know it may be the end of times....but that has been the case since the beginning of time, and if it is the end I cannot influence that one way or is pre-ordained that no man knows when it I plan to if you want make these bibles or books a supplement to your daily reading, you are welcom to do so......they are books or bibles of the type of war we are about to enter if war cannot be avoided.....and just like the holy bible these books with the techniques described will only do you any good if you use them. I am a spiritual man and I read some every day....from the holy bible(book)....I study these books(bibles) as my bibles of war....invaluable is the word of god....these are trying times and those who prepare for survival will survive to fight at the side of the Lord....and yes only the word of G-d is true for your spiritual health....the words in these books are for your physical health and well being should we need to take our swords and kill those who rise up against us.....for killing is not wrong, only murder is onward christian soldiers.....may G-d preserve the constitution. So until he who is shows vis pacem, parabellum if you seek peace, prepare for war.

Thank you for being here to support the constitution. I fight for our freedom of religion and for our grandchildren's freedom of religion, and speech and right to keep and bear arms. Hope you have a great weekend, Sabbath Shalom.



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