Gun safety VS second amendment

Gun safety VS second amendment


This week Texas Senator John Cornyn and several democrats are working on US legislation to enact gun safety laws. To both Democrats and Republicans this type of legislation is simply another way for the government to eventually seize and confiscate all American guns and weapons. The Democrats love it, and the Republicans, (and most Americans), hate it.


As usual government politicians start at the wrong place, deal with and look at the wrong issues, and eventually get the whole thing completely wrong. They invariably get the whole thing wrong and wind up doing more damage to American freedoms and liberty than doing anything to protect anyone or do anything that will help preserve our country and our freedoms.


We can not UN-invent gun powder. That secret was invented by the Chinese in the 15th or 16th century. We can not UN-invent the gun. That was also invented by the Chinese at about the same time as the gun powder.

The Constitution of the United States of America was designed, composed, and written as a document to regulate and control the Government. It is NOT a document to regulate and control the people. It is NOT a document that is intended to regulate, to grant, or to define the freedoms and liberties of the American people. The US Constitution does NOT grant you your rights or liberties, it only insures that those rights and liberties are protected from any type of government over regulations. It is our protection against government tyranny.

The first ten amendments to the Constitution spell out specifically those rights, freedoms, and liberties that the government can NEVER eliminate or regulate. The Second amendment to that Constitution was written and included to insure and to guarantee that the people would always have a means and the power to protect the rest of the Constitution, And the freedoms and government control that it provides. That is why the second Amendment says the right of the people to hold and bear arms “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”. It means that the government can NOT restrict or deny the people the rights to own and posses a gun without any kind of due process.


As always any time anything goes wrong in this country (or anyplace around the world) the first thing the Democrats want to do is eliminate that Second Amendment. The first thing they try to do is eliminate and confiscate all our guns and weapons. Without that Second Amendment and our rights to hold and bear arms they could easily eliminate the rest of the US Constitution, and all of our rights and freedoms along with it.


Do we need to do something to protect our schools and our children? Apparently yes, something should be done. But criminals and crazy idiots don’t give a damned about laws. No matter how many laws or what types of legislation government officials pass we can never UN-invent the gun or gun powder. A criminal or a crazy idiot will always find a way to accomplish what they intend to do. The only thing these gun restriction laws can ever accomplish is to harm and restrict the rights of good law abiding American citizens. And to grant the Government free reign to destroy the rest of our Constitution and the rest of our freedoms and liberty along with it.


If criminals and crazy idiots are going to get their hands on a gun then the only way to protect our schools and our children is to make sure the schools, the teachers, and the staff of all these schools also have the means to protect and defend them. We need to eliminate all those “No Gun Zone” laws. Eliminate the regulations that do not allow teachers and school personal the rights and the ability to defend themselves and the children.
Harden the schools, arm the teachers and the staff and school officials. Provide the training necessary for these people to be able to use those guns if the need ever does arise. The first thing a gunman or an idiot needs to know is that if they attempt to shoot up a school is that they will be the first and probably the only person to wind up dead.

We can not UN-invent the gun, but we can make sure any terrorist can be stopped before they can accomplish their dirty deeds.

That second amendment has protected the American people from government tyranny for over 230 years. It’s time to use the same philosophy to protect our schools and our children.

We can never UN-invent the gun but we can out gun them.

And we can drive a few thousand liberals crazy in the process.






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  • Human beings are basically dumb animals, we don't seem to learn very fast.
    In spite of being told a hundred time "don't touch that -it's hot" we invaribly end up sticking our hands on that hot stove burner anyway.
    The hyprocrits in Washington and in our State's capitals all use the National Guard troops to protect government officials while at the same time those same government officials deny teachers and school officials any rights or ability to defend themselves. We have made every school in the country a "No-Gun Zone". That is obviously not working.  Criminals and crazy idiots know this. That's why they choose to shoot up a school instead of the US Capital.

    We need to untie the hands of the teachers and school officials and give them the rights and ability to protect themselves.

    We can not post a national guard squad at every school, but we can allow school personal the rights and ability to protect and defend themselves and our children.

    We send our kids to those schools for eight hours every day. We have a right to expect that the schools will protect them while they are there. But you can not make a person safe by taking away their rights and ability to defend themselves.

    Empower the teachers and school officials and allow them to defend themselves and our kids.


  •     The second Amendmant was written simply and to the point. Politiceans,lawyers,and judges are the ones who distort and misdirect this simply written American right. The reason the second Amendmant is in the position it is, is to ensure the protection of all the other rights. Founding fathers knew what they were doing. They gave us the right to speak out with#1 and #2 has it's back and all the rest.

        What we all had better watch out for is these upcoming red flag laws. I am a veteran of combat. I have been dealing with P.T.S.D through the V.a for many years. They are constantly asking myself as well as others the same question. Do you own and how many firearms do you own. They say its out of concern for us. They are collecting this info for future red flag law's. I wonder how many of you remember when Dianne Finestine wanted to ban all combat vets from ownig a firearm. Said we were damaged people. That's true to a point, but what she didn't say is, veterans of combat rarely committ gun violense. That's why her idea got shit canned. The point Im trying to make is that they will use these red flag laws to confiscate if they are passed. They will use these laws to punish gun owners for somthing they may have never even thought about.


  • "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." - John Adams

    And therein lies the problem. We have become very immoral and anti-religious as a whole, so it appears.

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