The left’s propaganda machine

The left’s propaganda machine


One of the most important issues in our American Constitution is the first Amendment protection of a free press. Along with that is our guaranteed free speech.
Someone once said that the pen is mightier than the sword.
All Americans should do everything in their power to protect and defend both of these issues right along with all the other amendments of our Constitution.


With that having been said, it is also our duty to hold these so-called- news media outlets accountable for what they say and publish.
The “main-stream”, Lame-stream” news media in America today is functioning simply as the left-wing Communist propaganda machine, nothing more, and nothing less.


Just the fact that idiots such as AOC and John Fetterman (and several others), can get elected to our Congress should be enough to tell the American people that something is drastically wrong in American press today.


While President Donald Trump, and Congress, may not be allowed to do anything about this “Fake-News” media and the lies they tell, we the people CAN do something about it.

We the People CAN hold these people accountable.

Here are just two examples of how the news media lies to the American people;


CNN reported during the 2016 campaign that then candidate Donald Trump said “Our military is despicable, it’s terrible”.
Did Trump actually say that? Did Trump ever utter these words? Technically – yes, he did. But that quote was taken out of context by CNN. What candidate Donald Trump actually said was “The state and condition that Obama has left our military is despicable, it’s terrible”.

Trump was criticizing Obama, he was NOT criticizing our military.


A second example;
The fake-news media reports;
A white man drugs, then undresses a black woman. Places her on a table and begins cutting her.

Technically that much of the story is true. But what is omitted from the story is that the white man is a surgeon and he is operating on the woman to save her live from cancer.
Left to decide the fate of these two men based solely on these two examples published by the news media the American people would be lead to believe that Donald Trump hates our military and the white man (doctor) should be hung for cutting the black woman. Nothing could be further from the truth in each of these examples.


Congress and the President, (Donald J. Trump) can not do much to hold the fake-news media accountable, but we-the-people CAN.

These news-media outlets are all controlled by only a handful of people. And they are granted broadcast license from the FCC. (Federal Communications Commission).
Those broadcast licenses can be revoked. And those corporations can be dismantled and broken up, their monopolizes can be dispersed. People can be fired, and even prosecuted.

This is NOT the news media of Thomas Pane and Ben Franklin.


The American news-media CAN be held accountable, they CAN be made to tell the truth.

And it MUST.


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  • It seems to me that a professional, for profit, news outlet (AKA reliable news company) puposely publishing a article that is intentionally false is the same as yelling "fire" in a crowded movie theator.

  • As long as there is a corrupt government there will always be a corrupt press. Until we kill this corrupt government nothing will change, everything is only going to get worse until all liberty is dead.

  • The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and over and expecting a different result.
    Such is the course of our mid-term elections in 2022.
    The Democrats have now figured out how to control the elections. They control who counts all the ballots, and they control who wins and who looses.
    It makes no sence in depending on being able to vote these people out of office.
    That leaves very few acceptable options.  Starting an open violent civil war is precisely what the Communists want. That would give them the opportunity and the excuse to impliment a full martial law crack-down on the entire country. Including the National Guard and the military.

    The Communists and Democrats now control all of our federal government, the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and every branch of the judicial system.
    That means that even discussing any kind of government overthrow could quickly lead to prison time for anyone engaging in such activity.
    They also control most of the news media.
    But they do not yet have total control over all aspects of our communications channels.
    They do not yet have total control over our free speech.
    Any discussions involving the overthrow of this government could quickly lead to charges of sedition and prison for anyone.
    Extreme causion is advised. We already know the FBI has informants that monitor this web site.
    Remember; We DO NOT want to overthrow this Government, we merely intend to clean out the corruption and get rid of the Communists.





  • Advice received, thank you.

    I believe this to be a good article.

    Blue's Blog: The Revolutionary Trigger... (elevenbravotwenty.blogsp...

    The Revolutionary Trigger...
    From yesterday's edition of the AIER Newsletter .  I think this is a well-articulated article that most people  should be able to read and u...
  • The first thing we need to understand is that it doesn’t take a full blown civil war or a second revolution to overturn a government.

    All that is really required is a handful of men dedicated to an idea, a philosophy, dedicated enough to work to advance that idea into a reality.

    Case in point, the 56 men who signed our Declaration of Independence.

    Although there were only 56 active members of this group the ideas and philosophies they put forth were strong enough to start a revolutionary war. Those ideas were strong enough to create a nation out of them.


    The second thing we need to understand is that a civil war would be very messy. It could easily get thousands of people killed. That’s probably not a good idea.

    The idea or reality that it only takes a handful of people to overturn a nation is how Marxism is spread.

    It is spread by only a few, a few who are dedicated enough to work and to advance those concepts.

    So in order to stop their advance of Marxism, Communism, all that is needed is to stop those few who are striving to change our Constitutional free Republic into a Communist new world order.

    I would estimate those numbers to be less than one thousand people in America today.

    Perhaps only around 500.


    Violence may not be necessary at all. Engaging in violence could get people killed, or at the very least imprisoned.

    But people can be removed from positions of influence by other means.
    For example, give the left a taste of their own medicine.
    Hillary Clinton once said that politics is the art of personal Character assassination.

    You would be surprised how quickly people will be removed from office once they are discredited and slandered with the right information.


     Here's a good article written by Judi Mcleod on the Canadian Free Press.

    Thumb-Sucking Republican Turncoats Just Got Played AGAIN By The Scheming Marxists

    Thumb-Sucking Republican Turncoats Just Got Played AGAIN By The Scheming Marxists
    Thumb-Sucking Republican Turncoats Just Got Played AGAIN By The Scheming Marxists
    • Screw the Republican party, in many ways they are no better than the democrats.
      Most of them wont even acknowledge that these far-left-wing liberals are actually Marxist/Communists.
      And if they do understand that much then they are scared to death to stand up and say so.
      Half of the American population doesn't even knowm that America is in a war for our very survival.
      The lame-stream media has done a masterful job of masking over the real truth about what these Communists are doing.


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