As I read this, I also had in the back of my mind, the mosque on an Air Force base in Texas.



August 29, 2013

Texas lawmakers are about to introduce the "Honoring the Fort Hood Heroes Act." (HFHHA) The HFHHA would change the "workplace violence" label the Obama administration put on it and change it to an act of terror. That would give the victims the same benefits any other soldier gets when he is killed or wounded in battle.

It's bad enough when you are victimized by someone who would not have been there if their government wasn't so inept that they didn't stop Hassan a full 2 years before the Ft Hood shooting but it's doubly bad when your country turns it's back on you. The HFHHA will make amends for that.

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas; Rep. John Carter, R-Texas; and Rep. Roger Williams, R-Texas, plan to announce the legislation in Killeen, Texas. Rep John Carter, was quoted as saying, "Now that Hasan is convicted and has been sentenced, I promise to pursue every avenue to promote the cause of our soldiers and their families. As the federal representative for Fort Hood, I will not abandon this fight until it is won."

Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee said:

"Hasan yelled 'Allahu Akbar' as he attacked Americans and claimed his rampage was in defense of the Taliban. His attack was an act of terrorism, not simply workplace violence, and we must continue to pursue justice for those wounded and the families of those killed by not only seeing this sentence carried out, but also by ensuring they receive the full benefits they deserve."

Hasan had said several times that he killed the soldiers to save the lives of Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters. The change in designation makes a huge difference in both money and benefits. Staff Sgt. Shawn Manning, who was wounded in the attack said he and his fellow soldiers were still "fighting the government and the Army to call this an act of terrorism."

"It's like a slap in the face."

A similar bill was defeated by the democrats in an earlier vote.

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Yeah. With that mosque AT the AF base, theres going to be alot more of these killings. I still cant get over ANY of our servicemen going there for any reason! I say anybody that walks in there should be labeled traitors

I will believe it when I see it.

This is the report I have been waiting to read. Thank you Twana! 

It is very confusing to see our CIC condemn Christians, participation in Christian Churces/activites/traning, and Christian principles while at the same time supporting Islam, and the establishment of Islamic indoctrination among our troops such as is happening to the Basic Trainees at Lackland AFB in San Antonio.  It would not surprise me to see him reduce the sentence of former Ft Hood Major Nidal Hassan or even give him a pardon the way he is catering to Islam and the Arabic countries.  But with the revelation now that he was paying off Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt with US dollars and trying to control the political direction of Egypt in a direction that is not what the people want, he may be forced to change his antics in a lot of areas.

What is a mosque doing on a AF base?

This mentality of Obama's administration to make excuses for the violence is just part of the goal they are going to make all combat situations just work place violence thus saving tons of money.

I keep hearing how Islam is a religion of "peace" and wonder what the hell these people are smoking whew.

It is about time that this congress had the cojones to do what is Right and for once stand up for our much denied and put upon troops. The families of those who were killed in service to their country are honorable as were there deceased family members and have been treated in as shabby and inappropriate a manner by this scurrilous administration as I have ever witnessed anytime, anywhere! Let us also hope that once they have resisted the megalomania of the Marxist in chief and all his appointees, they will CONTINUE TO DO SO and fulfill their obligations to us all as they SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING THESE PAST FIVE YEARS!   We know where the traitors are and they are NOT in uniform though a lot of them ARE residing in Washington, D.C. and posing as American citizens! As to passage of this Act: I WILL BELIEVE IT WHEN I SEE IT AND, I WOULD NOT PUT IT PAST UNOWHO TO TRY TO VETO IT IF IT IS PASSED!  To the democratic congresspukes who defeated this legislation earlier: If you do it again: you'd best be ready for the retribution you will have so richly earned at the polls in the 2014 mid Terms: WE WILL NOT FORGIVE, NOR WILL WE FORGET AND YOU WILL ALL BEGONE AS IF YOU HAD NEVER EXISTED IN D.C. AND, GOOD RIDDANCE!

Thank you Twana for posting the news. This is great news! Everyone should contact their Reps and Senators to urge them to vote for this. It is the very least we can do for our fellow brothers and sisters who were wounded that day either physically or mentally.  It's bad enough to be shot by this terrorist but to be terrorized by your own government is unforgivable!

My  desk  will  not  with--stand  many  more  beating's  Why,  why,  why,  and  my  hand  is  bandaged..!!  Lets  ride  this  out  together  safely..!!

Yep, Hussain showed just how much he thinks of our military and their care.  This is a good thing to do, now lets see if they can get it past crybaby Boehner who has his nose so far up Hussein's azz, he will not even bring it up for a vote!



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