God bless our families of Warriors.............past, present, and future

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yes, many have given their all , our current situation is therefore More Shameful.

My dad , just after his 34th birthday was KIA in France on 15 June 1944, fighting with the 90th INF Div.

i can read your message loud and clear..killing other humans is not in ones nature nor does GOD

approve, killing is only acceptable in a kill or be killed situation defending an attack on person / family/

country , Not as part of an invasion on a non national security threat.

our gravest sin is allowing Scotus to rebuke GOD , removing HIS word from HIS children.AND obviously

We have done Little as a Nation to regain HIS Blessing.

Condolences Gary.............your Dad's service is indeed honored.

We sincerely thank him for his service and sacrifice, Gary. He is remembered.

You are right, Gary, our current situation is, indeed, More Shameful. The shame, in my opinion, lies squarely in the laps of those who perpetuate war and who profit by it. The shame lies with those in our central government who continue their foreign adventures in hopes of securing raw materials from other sovereign nations (or to establish hegemonic political control of those nations) through the use of force rather than free and open trade. These "conflicts" which are costing the lives of We, the People, such as Iraq (oil), Afghanistan (opiates) and now Syria (more oil along with their capitulation to the Rothschild-controlled IMF), are all about increasing the control others have over us rather than a nebulous and ill-defined "battle to keep us free". In my opinion, there has been no war fought by the People of the several States of the united States that has been about keeping our freedom since the war to establish freedom (liberty) during the late 1770s (1812 a possible exception). Every other war or conflict, seems to me, has had another, more sinister and vile (albeit secret) purpose to it that leads me to the conclusion that those who died or were maimed in that conflict were merely sacrifices upon the alter of corporate profit. Follow the money and in every case, since at least 1812, the hands of the money changers are there manipulating every war, police action or other conflict, seems to me.


This is not to diminish the noble and selfless passion and ambition expressed by these fallen warriors nor their sacrifices in the hope of helping to create a better world for their families, friends and People. Theirs were, indeed, worthy sacrifices and very deserving of our thanks, praise and eternal gratitude. It’s just that their passions and ambitions were, in my opinion, probably mislead, misdirected and lied to with regard to what it was they were actually fighting for. Shameful, it is, that those whom we entrust with the public good so often turn out to be, or become, corrupt. In our system of supposed self-governance, with an open and free society designed to live and let live, self-reliance, self-determination and respecting the brotherhood of man seem to be qualities seriously lacking in those who control war. Perhaps We, the People, should take back that control.

yes, and the middle class is almost nonexistent while the u.s. national debt exceeds the combined

debt of Russia / China / India...

the entire u.s. government is complicit in our sorry state of affairs , this process did not start in 2009.

the actions of government following the Korean Conflict are nefarious, one must understand who

the driving forces are . sure, profit / power are the motives and they will stop at nothing.

as i have offered numerous times , letters / protests / calls / voting Will Not stop them.

yes, many lives have been sacrificed and not for the country we love.

only a well planned , massive insurrection will defeat Them , all collaborators  must be removed,

to include Potus / Scotus / Congress and all foreign controlled influence organizations to include MSM.

For all those who never came home.


May God bless and protect our Vets and active duty Troops :-)  My/Our prays are with them!

Thanks God bless our military & veterans

If this doesn't break you up, you have no heart. Remember!

For those who served Honorably and their friends and families, this is a marvelous inducement in time of remembrance to look to the immediate future and pray we change the current cabal in government so that these Honorable men and women may ALWAYS be remembered and respected for their sacrifices in the name of FREEDOM. Unlike those in Congress and elsewhere who give lip service to duty, honor, obligation and sacrifice when necessary but,  DO NOT honor the SAME oath ALL of we who served: DID! God bless them ALL Now and forever. Amen!



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