OBAMA'S DOMESTIC ARMY???? Video Makes A Good Case As Does Bill Whittle......Compare

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All i can say is God Help us!!

Operation American Spring--May 16th in DC  We 10 million people carrying their Bibles and praying. No weapons.

We trust the Lord.  See you there.

And for each of the "10 million" that are in DC,  there will be 4-5 times that many armed to the teeth and ready to deal with the Usurper and his jackbooted thugs.  For those patriots that are taking the battle to the illegal forces in the capital,  our prayers and hopes will be with you.  And rest assured, that the enemy will be doing their utmost to derail the event.  Whether it's another  False Flag and/or infiltration of the troops,  you must be ready.  And also be aware that for those that are not in DC,  we will be doing what is necessary to assist/reinforce if necessary.

I'm happy to hear someone addressing the need for back up. It will be easy for the enemy to create an incident which will allow them to justify violence against us - imagine for yourself the options at their disposal. Is this possibility being taken into consideration? These usurpers are desperate people - they have waited years to grab this much power, and they will not just lay down and surrender. We must use caution: hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.... back up. We never go into the field without having someone watching our backs!  Thanks for the opportunity to comment.


Amen Frank! Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Except the Lord keep the city, the watchman wakes in vain.

Greater is He that is n me than he that is in the world!

70 in Los Angeles

Locked and loaded in Az. 

I feel sorry for the ordinary person. I have been prepping for years for this day.  when the SS checks stop. When the food stamps stop and welfare stops.  When the power companies close and you must rely solely on your skills, we will still survive not very well,  many will pass on, but we will survive and this will never occur again !  The world will go to war.  This can not be helped.  Just protect yourself and stand ready to defend  your family.

Thanks for posting this. Many aren't aware of his civilian army comments and plans or have forgotten.

SAW it coming, dreaded the day, the day is here. Live free or die.



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