Constitutional Emergency

By Cliff Kincaid
June 8
, 2013

The Department of Justice (DOJ) and its allies, the Council on American Islamic Relations and the Southern Poverty Law Center, are on the defensive after thousands of people turned out in Tennessee on Tuesday night to protest a scheme to censor criticism of Islam.

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a key component of a network of Muslim Brotherhood organizations in the U.S., called the turnout a “mob” and praised the Obama/Holder Justice Department for standing up to local residents.

CAIR said “a large group of protesters heckled and interrupted speeches by Bill Killian, U.S. Attorney of the Eastern District of Tennessee, and by Kenneth Moore, FBI special agent in charge of the Eastern Tennessee District.”

In fact, the DOJ had provoked the reaction by announcing beforehand that people using the Internet to criticize Muslims might be prosecuted for civil rights violations and that the meeting on “public discourse in a free society” in Tennessee would examine this alleged problem.

Killian had announced in advance that he would address “how civil rights can be violated by those who post inflammatory documents targeted at Muslims on social media.”

In order to explain how the censorship campaign would work, Killian and the local FBI agent, Kenneth Moore, had worked with the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) to schedule the event at the Manchester-Coffee County Conference Center in Manchester, Tennessee, on the night of June 4.

The center was completely filled, however, and hundreds more had to rally outside, where Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, who co-founded Stop Islamization of Nations (SION), spoke to the crowd. Videos show Geller and Spencer rallying the people on behalf of freedom of expression.

“I talked with many of the people who had driven hours to get to the rally—a farmer and his son, an orthodox Jewish family, World War II veterans and many more,” said James Lafferty, chairman of the Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force (VAST), who was on the scene. “They all said the same thing—the Justice Department is trying to curtail free speech by promising increased scrutiny of any Internet posts which mention Islam.”

He said the angry reactions inside the conference center followed “a heavy dose of jihadist propaganda by the AMAC folks.”

He explained, “A long video about Islam in Shelbyville, Tennessee, followed the usual B movie story line—Muslims come to town, ignorant locals react badly. Muslims demonstrate that they are honorable and just, ignorant locals and Muslims are now the best of friends and there is a lesson here for anyone else who doubts Islam’s noble intentions.”

He said the film footage of a few angry people at the June 4 event “gave the stereotypical ‘angry mob’ scenario for the hostile media,” but that Killian’s presentation was itself “very condescending and provocative” because of the implication that local residents had no right to complain about the spread of radical Islam in their state.

An Islamic Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee features “Strong Islamic studies,” a term that implies Sharia, or Islamic law.

Lafferty said it was entirely predictable that when Killian mentioned the name of the Attorney General, Eric Holder, who is neck-deep in several scandals, people in the audience booed. “Every mention of Holder had the same effect,” he noted.

Killian’s speech, Lafferty said, was that “Muslims are misunderstood and they are no different than you or me” and any criticism of Islam is “hate-mongering and bigotry.”

“The biggest story of the event was the crowd,” Lafferty said. While some people were angry and animated in their reactions to Killian’s lecture on “hate crimes,” he said there was intimate knowledge of Islamic practices and that when Muslim speakers at the podium with Killian talked about Islam as a peaceful religion which valued good citizenship, people interrupted with the word “takiya,” a reference to the Islamic concept of deception.

However, CAIR and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) insisted that local residents, as well as Geller and Spencer, were at fault for reacting to the DOJ campaign against the First Amendment. This became the story line of much of the coverage of the event.

The SPLC works hand-in-glove with the Obama/Holder Justice Department, smearing opponents of radical Islam as “Islamophobes.”

But Lafferty of VAST said the focus was “that a special meeting was being conducted to talk about the Department of Justice’s commitment to protect the rights of one religious group—Islam.”

Lafferty and others question why the Justice Department has singled out Muslims for special protection and that such a practice reflects adherence to Sharia, or Islamic law, over and above American law and the Constitution.

He noted that the DOJ based this meeting on the fact that a local Tennessee politician had posted a stupid gag on Facebook about targeting Muslims, and that the incident was “being used as the pushing off point for Justice to scrutinize every statement about Islam on the Internet.”

“Both Pamela Geller and the incomparable Robert Spencer spoke brilliantly about free speech and the threat posed to it by government suppression,” Lafferty said.

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Cliff Kincaid, a veteran journalist and media critic, Cliff concentrated in journalism and communications at the University of Toledo, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Cliff has written or co-authored nine books on media and cultural affairs and foreign policy issues. One of Cliff's books, "Global Bondage: The UN Plan to Rule the World" is still awailable.

Cliff has appeared on Hannity & Colmes, The O’Reilly Factor, Crossfire and has been published in the Washington Post, Washington Times, Chronicles, Human Events and Insight.

Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.


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Interesting that the Justice Dept. and the FBI have taken the oath of office to support and defend the Constitution, which by the way, includes the First Amendment, protecting the freedom of speech. So 1% of the population, the muslim's rights supersede those of the Violating the oath is a crime. So while these two sworn agencies protect the rights of a distinct minority against the great majority, in a nation where the majority rules, is certainly a red flag. Even more concerning is the support of a religion whose premise is world domination and strict intolerance for any other belief system and a history of ongoing worldwide terrorist attacks. The attacks on our mission in Benghazi wasn't perpetrated by Christians, Jews, Buddhists, etc. The attacks were perpetrated by muslim terrorists as was 911, the Boston Marathon, the Ft. Hood massacre and the hundreds of attacks across the globe in the last decade. I don't see any concern on the part of the FBI with regard to at least 35 Jihadist terrorist training camps strewn throughout America nor the terrorists streaming unabated across our southern border. So, while the majority of Americans are denied their basic Constitutional rights, the muslim's rights are protected and they are given a total pass. 

Sharia law has no place in American society, it is antithetical to our way of life and laws, as constituted in our Constitution. We the people own America, we employ the FBI and the entire government and since we are a nation of laws, the very people hired to uphold those laws, are denying the great majority of Americans the freedoms granted to us, which are inviolable. It's interesting that the members of Muslim terrorist organizations have been appointed as Czars in the White House (this isn't Czarist Russia), in positions of authority with security clearances as well as holding down positions of authority in the Justice Department. This begs the question, where in the world is Congress? Are they not aware of their oath of office and their duties therein? The rights of the majority trump the rights of the minority in that the rights of the minority cannot under any circumstance over rule the rights of the majority!  

We're a nation of laws and if organizations like CAIR don't like our rule of law, they can leave. 

Dave--we agree in part--I fear you are blinded to the fact that our Constitution and Laws are established to serve or provide for the greater good.There is no greater good served when one submits to the tyranny of the minority.Remember Communism is a system where the minority of the Communist Party dictates what is good for the majority.As we now have a Communist in the Executive I cite that example.Noah Webster--and others said the best source for republican principles were found the Bible.We now have an Executive who appears to favor the Koran and that bloody destructive religion of his youth which cannot be confused with the proper source for our republican system the Bible,and Christianity.

Getting on an airplane with one of these "minorities" like Juan Williams, gives me the chills.   Peaceful minorities, okay, people who hate us and our way of life, I just as soon they get the hell out of my Country  .I  do not desire to go back from civilization a 1,000 years.   Let's face it, if you still think this is a nation of Laws, you have not been watching. Eric Holder=The Law.  A joke.  My Father was an attorney, and he'd turn over in his grave if he witnessed the current abuses.

Where is the meeting going to be held about the persuecution of Christians?    I have not heard of the Fedral Government interceding on the behalf of Christians, lately.    If a "Religion" is so benign, why does iit have to forced on people?    The Oath these Boys took ,seem to have been long since forgotten, but so have honor and integrity.   Now, the people of Tennessee, and all across this Nation, see no benefit in encouraging a group of people from another Culture.   A Culture of poverty, ignorance and slavery.    Why would we want people who have a direct opposition to our Christian based Nation, sitting among us?     Muslims have shown their colors throughout  History, barbaric, vicious, and backward.   It  is not a pretty History.  Why encourage people whose Culture says to hate us, to be among us.   Isn't that inviting and welcoming an enemy into our midst.   The Federal Government is forcing this issue, it is clear.    We, however, choose civilization, and a Religion of God' s love.



Arnold, yes, it is looking like we are living in a far different manner, than we have .    Freedom & Liberty seems to have gone out the window with our Black President.   I am White, Christian, Conservative and I am being discriminated against,   Laws are being broken and shredded,    Our Civil Liberties have gone out the window.   It is sad to watch America sink to her knees, after  being a beacon of Freedom and Liberty.  I am sick, angry and afraid, and I should not feel that way in the Country I helped build.   Yes, they are insane, and dangerous, but I say to each of you,have courage, do not give up, we built this Country and it ours, not some Trashy Lberal's.    Take heart, and fight back, thoughout our History, we do DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!

Sad part is when a Muslim in London can proudly claim the black flag of Islam will one day fly over the White House--and then brag they are already holding Islamic prayer there--and some Americans ,here, call O a Muslim-and freely admit ,here, that he favors Islam.but the false President here presents himself as a Christian? and reasonable people here know he is a LIAR But we tolerate him--WHY? It seems America is already a slave of Islam--Our Govt. is anyhow.

We do have a problem in the USA today.

I have no proof, just a hunch that the 'silver spire' placed atop the new ground zero Trade Center will broadcast muslim calls to prayer. The recordings won't be heard, but will be symbolic of their victory of taking down the original tower on 9/11. Once the skyscraper is officially deemed completed and open, I challenge someone to get a microphone up to the top and listen for a few months. If this could be proven, that the equipment amplifying the prayers are part of the building's plans, I guarantee that the vast majority of Americans would be up in arms. It could be a rallying point, since so emotional.

I gave a tip to, hoping they would have the resources to break this story when discovered to be true. But, if they or no one else investigates, the mockers-in-charge could get away with broadcasting the muslim prayer calls from their precious silver spire.


We should ALL insert the 'word' "ISLAM" in every E-mail we send out just to keep those 'Assholes' busy...I just did!

Robert--remember the stink some years ago stirred up when BC comics did a strip I SLAM with an old outhouse door?They did not believe he was no defaming their bloody religion.I laugh at that one.



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