Allen West an American Patriot is fighting back against Democrat election fraud right now to secure a fair and legal election result. He was ahead by almost 2000 votes late on election night and then the Democrats pulled their fraud like they did in Minnesota against Norm Coleman and in the State of Washington in the Governors race with mysterious ballots appearing after the polls were closed. He is demanding a full recount of these ballots that produced a roughly 4,000 vote swing at the last minute. Sound fishy...well it is ...and it is how Demorats turn close elections. I just donated to his effort to demand a full recount of St.Lucie County votes that mysteriously appeared in favor of ..the Democrat. I hope you will too. Let's don't go down without a fight on this anymore. Allen West deserves our support. Thank you.

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Yes he does deserve our support. I respect him for fighting. I am so tired of Obama and his dishonesty.

A judge denied his petition. What is his next step?

The judge cannot deny his petition because there is compelling evidence of massive election fraud. The judge must be immediately removed, tried for treason and hung! Judicial tyranny is running rampant throughout America and we must let the criminal judges know that violating their oath is treason, the punishment for which is the death penalty! 


It is time for the democrat machine that Obama has in place in all of the southern part of our state get what they dish out. I'm for a full recount of the whole state and not only of Mr West. There were way too many military ballots that did not get counted also absentee ballots that got discarded. Every where there were default votes that were set for the democrats need to be checked. I think the president stole this election also when there were 58 precints in one Pennsylvania city that Mr Romney didn't get even one vote. Machines in Ohio that automatically registered the vote for Obama when the vote was for Romney.

I'm sick & tired of DONATING!  I don't know about the rest of you, butm I'm DONE!  In the first place I saw (on the net) where he had a recount & won????? I don't give a damn anymore! What's going to happen about this USURPER? I'll tell ya. ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, NOTHIN!

I can tell you never were a military man. This man has integrity,honesty,etc. The public does not care if you support him are not. GO WEST. He is a hero in my sons high school, his name is on bulletin boards,etc. I support him.

Rev, I use to say the same about Colon Powell! Can't say it anymore, can you? Military doesn't mean everyone thinks the same. Steve is probably venting. Very understandable all things considered. I too wonder if both parties are palying us dumbass common folk, Military backgound or not. I never served either but I will defend the constitution just as hard as you will.  

Hi Stephen, we all all tired, we are discouraged, but for me, I am not willing to raise a White Flag to the man.  It would be much easier just to say "To hell with it all", but that is giving up.  I prefer, if need be, one of the last "men" standing, even if I stand alone.  To me, America is worth fighting for.  We have been in tough spots before, and we have worked our way out of it.  Be disgusted, cuss a lot, and then get up, and make your stand, in any way you can.  Have Faith.

 Stephen I agree with, Joe Gonzales, I will never raise a white flag, I fought for this country in Vietnam waters in 1966-67, my country had my back, even tho they spit @ us when we returned home,I have forgiven them as Jo stated I prefer, if need be, one of the last "men" standing, even if I stand alone.  To me, America is worth fighting for.  We have seen things work out before.. God Bless America

I sent him money - go Allen.....

Time to lock and load.



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