By Coach Dave Daubenmire
July 30, 2015

“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.” -Matt. 11:12

The root word of violence is violate. To violate is “to take away, interfere with, or ignore (something, such as a person's rights or privacy) in an unfair or illegal way.”

Despite what we have been taught, violence does not always imply the use of physical weapons such as guns, knives, bombs, or clubs. It is possible to be violent simply by using words.

Our nation, once purposed to be modeled after God’s Kingdom has been stolen from us. We have been violated, not with physical weapons, but by the use of words, laws, ridicule, and indoctrination.

There are two spiritual kingdoms; the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light. They are in an eternal struggle for dominance in the natural world. Most people are oblivious to this battle.

Let me stop right here a second. I know what many of you are thinking…that this natural world is beyond redemption. Part of me tends to agree with that position…that we are about to get what we deserve. Most of the American church has chosen to hide and wait. But the other part of me causes me to follow the command of my Father to “Occupy until I return.” Our choices today seem to be fight or flight. Occupy is an action verb.

Militant is another one of those words that scares Christians because it is manly. We tend to believe that “love” is the greatest weapon…and it is…but “loving” people while they rob you blind borders on insanity. Real men defend things.

"Militant" is defined as “having or showing a desire or willingness to use strong, extreme, and sometimes forceful methods to achieve something."Military" of or relating to ground or sometimes ground and air forces.” It is time to man-up Brothers.

Like it or not God has armed forces and “the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.” Spiritually-armed, masculine Christians fight a natural war with “spiritual weaponry.”

But Christians have bought a lie. We have swallowed the bait that Christians are not supposed to be aggressive…forceful…warriors. The idea that we are in the world, but we are not OF the world doesn’t mean we are not to fight. Christians are instructed to bring spiritual weapons to the battle. Spiritual weapons can be violent…they tear down, penetrates, uproot. Those are aggressive, war-like words.

Christians are losing the culture war. Every institution in America is now under the control of those who hate God. Our public schools, government, universities, entertainment, legal, media, political parties, and churches are under the control of the kingdom of darkness.

How has this happened? The kingdom of darkness does its work in the dark. They have seized every one of our institutions without firing a shot. They have used their weapons of lies and deceit to violate and destroy all that is good. They have invaded every Godly institution, bombarded us with lies, and stolen the future of our children and grandchildren.

They have been militant. As a result we have been violated. They have taken from our children what was rightfully theirs. The Kingdom of God has suffered violence. It is time to drop the sissified Gospel and reinvigorate the masculine side of our faith.

Let’s face it. There is absolutely no institution in modern America that Christianity has controlling influence over.

They slaughter unborn babies and force us to pay for it. They sell their little body-parts for personal gain. The command you to bake homo-cakes and demand you violate your conscience.

American Christianity will lead you to Heaven while it let’s the world go to hell.

The haters of God have become emboldened. They have no conscience, no mercy, and no remorse. They get caught selling baby parts and become outraged at the one who made the film for doing it “secretly”. Everything our opponents do is rooted in deceit.

Christians must become more focused…more aggressive with our faith if we are to save Western Civilization. The idea that one can win by surrendering is a doctrine of demons that has infiltrated the American Christian mindset.

“Have nothing to do with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather expose them.” Sadly, for the most part, we are taught to embrace, encourage, and love those who practice such fruitless acts. Abortion is the destruction of fruit. Divorce destroys fruit. Homosexuality is fruitless. God hates them all.

I know this will cause some of you to gasp, but Paul, in Romans 1, speaking on behalf of Jesus, warned us that those who practice such things “are worthy of death.” But he didn’t just point the proverbial finger at the one who engages in the act, but also to those who “take pleasure” in those who do it.

Evil is real and some people are evil. It is time we faced up to it. Loving the sinner and hating the sin hasn’t worked. That was Gandhi’s suggestion, not our Lord’s. Loving sinners more than we hate their sin validates our own shortcomings. Jesus called us to “be perfect”, not “love the sinner.”

People are flocking to Donald Trump because he is violent and militant in his language. The church needs some militant, violent, Christian Donald Trumps. It is time to man-up.

© 2015 Dave Daubenmire - All Rights Reserved

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Well put. I love my Orthodox Christian priest from my home parish back in the State where I was born. He always called us the Church Militant, made no bones about it. He's staunchly against abortion, and has actively protested outside of Planned Parenthood (now there's an oxymoron, if I've ever come across one, the only thing planned about it is the end of a child :O). Yes, there are Orthodox Christian Churches in America. No, we're not strictly ethnic. I was Christened a Presbyterian, myself. Of Irish/English etc. descent. I'm an American.

We do need to do what St. Paul urged us to do; put on our spiritual armor. Life has been called a race; I call it a battle, and while I wouldn't mind at all stopping to help another get over that finish line, I will fight the one who tries to prevent me from getting there. I've gone round and round with people (mostly liberals) who call me a 'hater', mostly because I don't pull my punches, but rather tell the truth, as I understand it. Frankly, if I don't totally line up with their points of view, I'm a hater. It's, sadly, as simple as that. I must be so full of hate, because I cannot, and will not tolerate the sin. Not on my Watch.

It is, what it is. May God save me from the Second Death.

Christians need to understand the Commandment "though shalt not kill' means to not murder.  It has nothing to do with defending yourself and family from the hordes of islam.  We are not meant to stand by and let muslims kill, rape and imprison us.  

I would seriously like to see Christians to start banding together.  Together with God we can't be defeated.

Amen Ken..........lower your flag.....


Christians throughout the word need to Gun Up and quit being doormats for every thug that came along.

And carry.

I agree with the content. I would add that the focus on a 'dream-like love' existence, has acted as an opiate with some adults. In Biblical times, there were no wasted efforts going about the realities of life; incl. finding food, securing a campsite-or defending one's kingdom when threatened, or righting a wrong, especially when a God given Right is violated. One other thing bothers me; the attitude by some who blindly follow any political party's 'policy' as Absolute, without question. The ONLY thing absolute in this world is God Himself & His very real Power. I do not understand how some must feel that paying allegiance & obeyance to the 'progressives', & (possibly) feeling that they are 'helping' God's Plans & hastening an end time scenario. I believe the grub'mint is handling that aspect, all on their own. As Christians, our obligations are to follow the ( Legally Constituted) Laws of The Land, that being our Constituion of The United States of America. Please note here, that I regard this in the same attitude in which I took my Oath upon entering the military, but I rem'ber, that the words then included that, among other duties, I was ' to obey all LAWFUL orders ' . I see a huge gulf in education among my Christian brethren & sisters in their responsibilities to their actual duties & obligations to His Word &  our roles in OUR Government & how we carry out our lives, day-to-day. Don't think for a moment that the enemy has not noticed also. Years ago, when the Christian 'movement' was rolling along, I went into a local US Post Office. I held the door open for two young women who were distracted by their own conversation. The subject was the lack of 'real men' among those available at their church.  I heard this; " I've talked to so many at church, none of them seem to live on their own, or make their own decisions, know how to treat a lady. I'd love to meet a nice Christian man, but there's so many wimps, I don't see it happening". I resolved right there & then, I was not going to be a wimp, but I  also don't  see much improvement over the years. I do see a lot of overacting & posturing, sort of what Paul talked of when he talked of being 'lukewarm'. I think he meant in all aspects of life. We owe it to Jesus' Legacy to stand up & speak out when things are not right.  

God bless you Michael.........thank you for sharing.

you are so right ! We are all or most , looking for answers.. Its almost that there is so much evil going on... that people are living in fear...! I have heard people say.. they may not go to the theater for a movie,, afraid of a gun shot may ring out.
some fear flying.. ! Now some fear going to church. Yes people its that bad. We no longer feel safe. We have to fight. and start writing to our congress and everyone involved in the government. Look at Allen Wests comments on how they are going to now.. charge a naval officer.. for shooting at a terrorist... to protect the innocent that are being attacked!!! IS EVERYTHING UPSIDE DOWN.?????????? Every day i hope something will change , and nothing changes... talk and more talk.. thats all we get. Donald Trump is getting so much attention because he is talking about ACTION.... and things that no one else in Washington ... has the guts to talk about. They are all focused on the two faced journalists. lobby ists and donors... people are sick to death of that. GO TRUMP ! but he better be very careful ... and have plenty of security you know how the " ESTABLISHMENT " hates to be disrupted from its hell hole..

One of the best post I have read on PFA.  The Church in America and America overall too closely resembles the end times Babylon as spoken of in the Book of Revelation.  Christendom has thrown out God's Law and claims their messiah and apostle Paul did the same, which is a lie of satan.  When Messiah Yeshua returns all the people on earth will be under God's Law and all of God's Appointed times will be observed by all the nations of the earth.  Maybe if Christians spent more time studying the writings of the Prophets instead of the wolves on Christian TV they would understand this one fact.

Saw this problem years ago so I committed to heavy duty Bible reading starting at Genesis and reading straight through to the end.

I did that 70 times. Guess what? It makes a HUGE difference.

Just like Treasury Department agents who track counterfeit money I spot them in a second.

Try it.

I've been reading and studying Genesis through Revelation the past 11 years and it HAS made a HUGE difference for me, especially understanding the times we live in.  All should give it a try.



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