Every person is created with the right to LIFE (which implies the right of self defense) LIBERTY
and the never ending struggle, the pursuit of HAPPINESS.
Put your LIFE in the hands of God, he will protect us and preserve our LIBERTY.
HAPPINESS is being with 2 million of my brothers and sisters, rallying on the National Mall, demanding the return of our country's management to a lawful and, however much it is possible, corruption free Constitutional Republic, of, by, for the people. America has no ruling class, at least that is the way it is meant to be.

A great man once said:
"Non violent resistance means you DO resist, in a strong determined manner."
That quote has been rolling around in my head for weeks now, then I read this:
"We who engage in nonviolent direct action are not the creators of tension. We merely bring to the surface the tension that was already alive."

Dr Martin Luther King Jr

May the corruption that is "already alive" and thriving on our blood, sweat and tears, be heard, recognized, targeted and engaged. With God's will the country shall be steered once again by a moral compass, not some radical International Socialist agenda.

One more quote from Dr King if I may:
“Everything that we see is a shadow cast by that which we do not see.”

We should have no confidence in our current establishment government or the media that colludes and hides most things relevant to our security as a nation, not to mention the survival of Western culture.

May we turn the volume down on the "bull horn" of the biased media and wake up America to the tyranny in our midst.

If united we stand, the kleptocrats will fall. It is our civil duty and our right to stand up and be heard, on our honor and best behavior.

PS- realistically, how many people can fit on the Mall? I was there as a child of 9 and 10, it seemed almost endless at that age, from the Capitol Dome to the Lincoln Memorial, 2 million sounds about right....right?

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Millions and Millions. It is extremely large. There were over 1 million in 2009 at the first Beck rally.

I am pretty disappointed by the lack of numbers I see here. I hope it belies the reality that 100 times the numbers here are quietly planning to be in DC, for an unarmed, peaceful gathering of Americans.

What did I get myself into by joining PFA? On a few more government watch lists? There has to be at least a dozen "lists" for every spy agency, how many am I on now?

How many spy agencies are there under the preview, or not, of the Federal government? I just found out from JoeDan in his new vid at intellectualfroglegs.com, there are over 70 law enforcement agencies funded by you and me, operating as Feds.

Wow, REALLY? We have 70 Federal agencies and an unknown number of spy's watching patriots and other law abiding citizens, waiting to provoke a violent response from people that are otherwise passive and just want to be left alone?
The whole time the devil disguised by a so called religion goes unchecked, maybe even encouraged by the lack of interest in them.

Makes me want to drop off the grid permanently, which has been my notion for awhile, or just give up and be a mindless minion for the International Socialist takeover of the FREE WORLD! The devil works in mysterious ways, even more so than God. Lucifer has no scruples and is bound by no rules. His demons never rest.... our society becomes more ignorant and complacent.

This realization is why I CANNOT sit down and disappear.

Thank you for your kind words Jean, wish you and your husband could be in DC next month. Your prayers will do though.



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