Tweet Former Black Panther and left-wing activist Brandon Darby told a packed East Orlando Tea Party this week that he left the Black Panthers because basically he loves America. He said he just couldn’t take it anymore when he happened upon a video training session by anarchist l...

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Most of us saw this comming, or at least some of us.

Honestly, PLEASE DO. I mean PLEASE DO Panthers.


The streets will run RED with Black Panther blood and there won't be a damn thing Holder or his ilk will be able to do about it.




Frankly, I am BLOODY WELL TIRED of these SUBSPECIES CLOWNS trying to bully us!  And you're absolutely right!! THERE WON'T BE A DAMNED THING THAT OBLOWJOB'S TRAINED MONKEY HOLDER, CAN DO ABOUT IT!!  80,000,000 gun owners within CONUS...there's not an ARMY in the world that could stop us from STOMPING THESE APES TO A PULP, AND SENDING THEIR BLACK PANTHER @$$ES BACK INTO THE BLOODY STONE AGE!!


All I can say is..."GO AHEAD...MAKE MY DAY!!'  Have M-4A2, 1911, and SEVERAL UNITS REPUBLIC OF TEXAS PATRIOT MILITIA COCKED, LOCKED, AND READY TO ROCK!!  They'll learn what "DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS" means in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS...as we splatter their BLACK PANTHER BRAINS all across the pavement!


God Bless, Protect and Restore the Sovereign Republic of Texas! Let the South RISE AGAIN!! TEXAS.SECEDE!



Proud Southerner, Texian Free Man, Soldier of the Sovereign Republic of Texas!

   These freakin clowns are a joke.They have made these threats be fore and never followed through.

In the 1960's They stood up in Baton Rouge La and my father was in it.The panthers didnt fare to well

then and these guys aint a good grade of cat sh*t.People want them to do somthing stupid.

Unfortunately, the actions of a few can affect the many. There are great people within the United States of America of every race, black , white, red, yellow or any other color and what these activists are trying to acheive is segragation. To charge into a solution without thought is to fall into a trap that could have a devistating affect on the entire society. Before deciding to use violence which is what they want you to do, review all alternatives like positioning the most experienced trained vets or active service at voting places... 

Parker is right.  There are good people of every race and religion, however, there are forces in this country who thrive on divide and conquer.   Nonetheless, it our duty to not allow the radicals like the Black Panthers, the various Muslim groups, the Mexican mafia (LaRaza) etc. to intimidate patriotic Americans as they have already done to far too many of our politicians.  Our PC politicians of both parties have caved into these anti-American groups giving them grants of OUR tax money, special treatment, and in general let's them get away with murder.

We must demand our politicians stand up to them, forget the PC crap, and if necessary take the action ourselves to save our country.


Well, I'm ready...and this ain't gona be my first dance...

Be careful Tampa. I still wonder if that will happen here in Charlotte which is home to the 2012 Democratic Convention. Committee members are trying to get my city's officials to enact an ordnance where you can NOT gather on public property thanks to the Occupyers. I fear we could have riots here in my city that makes the ones in Athens (Greece) and London look like nothing.  

It was sneaked under their noses. I bet the average German probably had NO idea that they were happening. They were fed and employed which is what they wanted no matter what the cost. I remember reading a story about Austria under German occupation. It was written by a nun. She told how the individuals in one remote village who were intellectually challenged and were NOT a burden to society (they did the menial jobs around the village) were rounded up by government officials and euthanized. This story angers me because I am considered mentally challenged and the same thing could happen to me. I would fight like hell to get out of it.

The days are drawing very close for all these turkeys.

The new black panthers are just anarcists and perhaps

it's time we reduce the number of welfare cheating idiots

in our nation. They really don't know who they are messing

with here, and should not start something they cannot

finish. Once they spill inocent American blood, they will

be slowly eliminated, one way or another, so I say to them,

BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!

      So true, they think that they can do as they please and not face the LAW. Can get by with doing whatever? They (black crap panthers) have a foothold on the east coast, but they have no idea how many AMERICANS are out there and willing and able to take the fight to them. Well, what can you expect from a bunch of low life niggers.It's funny, you don't see any of them out here in Montana or any other western states. They know what would happen out here. For all in the east, stand up and know that if needed WE WILL COME A RUNNING!!!! Together we stand!  A man that is in the right and keeps going foward, CAN NOT BE DEFEATED!!!!!!!

l'l look out for whats mine including the right to voteI have all of my guns loaded and ready. I don't want trouble, but meekness is not weekness. 



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