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Natural gas production in Pennsylvania

As we enter the new year with great uncertainty economically and begin to see liquid fuel prices creeping upward, with in two years it will be up to $140.00 a Barrel again as we hold our breath waiting for the liquid fuel prices to soar to record heights once again. Let us not be fools , History shows fuel prices will undoubtedly rise again, it is a matter of when not if. Why should the citizens of Pennsylvania support the procrastination of natural gas production for another few years or even a decade, depriving it’s citizens of the profits associated with production of natural gas? Not to mention the strategic survival and homeland security reasoning .

We need legislative incentives, such as revenue perks and funds for townships, county schools and state government ,Elected officials must encourage natural gas exploration here in our region of PA. Every local business, charity, social program, emergency service and resident will benefit from the profits and revenue associated with natural gas production. Our local economy will get quite a boost, as well as increased employment opportunities generated by the man power needed to build and maintain the infrastructure necessary to support natural gas production and pipeline .

We will hear many complaints from opponents of this initiative. Everyone from save the bay to community members who will complain over mud puddles or run off from production. I have no doubt that we can do this clean and safely within the guidelines of the Department Natural Resources who will monitor any sediment run off.

Citizens who have no gas on their land may reject and fight their neighbors possible good fortune ,without realizing that profits will benefit ALL citizens. Let me be clear, through taxation all government social programs will benefit. Taxes paid from profits on natural gas will strengthen the general fund. For every dollar paid in taxes from gas profits, a dollar less will be paid by those who have no gas. It is a win , win situation, everyone can benefit from the acquired wealth and revenue of their neighbors. In Alaska all residents directly or indirectly shared in the profits generated from the oil pipeline, as will the citizens in this commonwealth all will reap the benefits of natural gas production.


As a united community, we must stand together and insist that state legislators bring this issue to to top of their list by sending a clear message to our state senators and representatives in Harrisburg, "support these initiatives or be voted out of office." I advocate we make this an election issue as was and still is property tax reform. It is my hope that the voices of the citizens in this commonwealth will speak up strong , loud and cear in support of the inevitable

We can not wait until emergency conditions overwhelm us ,We had better get started with natural gas production in Pennsylvania ,I would say all states ,however this is my homestead .My home and that of my children must be the focus of my efforts, the future will be here and the reality of our our energy needs is going to escalate to emergency conditions that will exceed the understanding of most citizens. The time is now not after we have suffered the consequences of neglecting , ignoring this reality or pretending tomorrow will not come.

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Tommy- I am quite surprised that there isn't any natural gas production in Pennsylvania, the birthplace of American oil production. You are right about the local environmental organizations complaining about the minuscule effects that drilling and production will have on the areas around the gas resources.

The United States needs more regional production and distribution of natural gas as well as "renewable fuels' grown by farmers in your area as this will reduce our need for imported fuels as well at the tax revenue benefits you write about, Sarah Palin's Alaska writes a check to citizen's every year! Click Underlined Link:
Alaska Returns Natural Gas Profits to it's Citizens

Have you ever wondered where politicians get there bad environmental ideas? Click Underlined Link:
Where Politicians Get Their Bad Ideas here is my web page.
also an article published in several papers ,i prupose revenue taxes be used for infastructure upgrades ,met with my state rep friday with a common sense aproach to let generated taxes from gas fund communications upgrades as well as spread the wealth..You obviously show the common sense needed to be a good legislator thank you for responding
Last evening, Sunday December 14, with temperatures only in the teens and
hypothermia warnings in place, at 5:05 p.m. power was lost to some residents
of Bedford County PA. Alleghany Power and the Flintstone fire department
Responded and were on the scene in short order. Flintstone V.F.D.
Expeditiously cleared the dangerous wires and cut-up and removed the fallen
tree from the roadway. The intensity of the crisis was averted as Allegheny
Power emergency crew were able to restore power by 10:46 p.m. Alleghany
Power and Flintstone V.F.D. are to be commended for their preparedness in
responding to this emergency power outage. Embarg should be commended as
well for restoring telephone services more than 18 hours ahead of the
original estimated repair time.
However, loss of phone service as well as Internet access is a reminder of
how vulnerable and frail our existence becomes when these services are
suddenly unavailable. Communication appears to be our weakest link. Wed
better prepare for every condition of survival locality to locality across
this great land. We can start right here in Bedford County, PA. I strongly believe
installation of a Mars 1, [Military Army Radio Station ], "low band " radio tower,with EMS and GPS capabilities along side commercial cell towers / our first line of defense" In reporting emergencies the Citizen Communication system " .[cell phones]
the Polish mountain ridge and other strategic locations is imperative ,im sure my father would make the cicala mountain top available. These Lines would help to resolve communication paralysis. .We must act now..will this initiatice gather support and momentum . "If it is to be it is up to we".. We must protect our family's and neighbors .
Thomas Cicala
302 Katie lane clearville pa 15535 814-458-2001



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