MRC Media of Mass Corruption: Don't believe the Liberal Media

George must be stopped

The media in this country have become an appendage of the White House and the Democratic National Party. They are the spokespeople for Obama and his leftist agenda. They refuse to tell the truth about the failed liberal policies in Washington.

In the months leading up to the general election, the liberal media parroted talking points that came directly from the White House. The "war on women," "income inequality," and "the plight of the middle class" all suddenly became election-year issues through a deceitful collaboration between the liberal media and the Democratic Party.

But this web of deceit goes even higher than the White House. Billionaire George , who donated heavily to elect Barack Obama and who funds an endless list of left-wing causes to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, is on a crusade to destroy Fox News, conservative talk radio, and any media that dare to tell the truth!

The ONLY thing standing between billionaire George and the complete destruction of truth-telling conservative outlets is the Media Research Center.

That's why the MRC has launched a new campaign to combat the Media ... With President Obama in the White House and George funneling billions of dollars toward the destruction of conservative news outlets, we cannot afford to back down at this critical time.

Your support is crucial in helping the MRC expose the liberal press that spews the White House talking points and carries water for socialists like George .

Please visit and learn more about how you...


L. Brent Bozell III Founder and President Media Research Center

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George needs a one way ticket to Israel. Warn Benjamin before hand that Georgie will be dropping by.

I despise the Soros monster and this will ba an outlet for my disgust...

He needs to experience a public hanging first hand.

Why is George Soros permitted in the USA?

2 words- BIG. MONEY

I can't believe that he is still walking around!

Course...I could say the same about a whole list of people.

Soros is the curse of pure EVIL in human form. He was born a Jew. During WWII he turned in his own people to the Nazi Regime for protection and money, and then fled. He "broke" The Bank of England and now he's here to do the same, through none other than Obama himself. It's all a game to both of them. Take down the good buys!!! :(  

how old is George Soror ? i don't think he will be around many more years. i would be in line to piss on his grave.

I read a short time ago he is 84 years old. But remember he has two sons.



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