Going to DC

Greetings fellow Patriots ! I WILL BE ATTENDING the much needed protest in DC, and will be jumping on the Patriot train (Amtrack) loaded with Patriots from Florida that will be passing thru South Carolina on the way North. There are several stops here in SC, but I'll be jumping on in Yemassee near the coast and arriving in DC about 7 a.m. The train stops about a 1/2 a block from the initial gathering point. When the event is complete, we'll be jumping back on the train for the return trip. Ticket price from here is $146 and we won't need a room, as the train is very comfortable and we can rest on it.There's nothing better than riding to an event like this with a train load full of other Patriots.Hell if Michael Jackson can have a 100,000 people show up at his memorial event, we should pack the city of Washington to SAVE AMERICA.Thanks Col. Riley for your dedication to the country.Rick in SC

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  • Rick,
    I'm also attending and taking Amtrak from Picayune, MS. It's going to be a great rally!
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