Google and read the U.N. Millennium Declaration of 2000 signed by Clinton. The U. N.General Assembly has set up rules for the world government including rights to housing, combating terrorists, illegal aliens and keeping freedoms, religion, etc., The way I read it, this pertains more at advancing "fairness" world wide at the expense of the United States, while trashing our freedoms .Careful read suggests it is written with many a forked tongue. The double speak isn't hard to find since their promotions clearly violate all of ours on a daily basis..............
Move onto
Or try googling "Organization of the American States" ie., Trilateral Commission. it reads in part: nations of the west who play a leading role in carrying out mandates established by the HEMISPHERE LEADERS through the Summit of the Americas.
Their emblem is a circle with wheat framing both east and west sides with a white torch flame in the center. Obama has been giving his teleprompter speeches in front of this emblem.
Move to Article VI of the Constitution. All Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the Supreme Law of the Land.
Since the Millennium Declaration was NOT made under the U.S. Authority, is this the method used to get around our laws??
In reading the Constitution, it's hard to find anything that hasn't already been trashed by the world elitists, forcing our compliance.
Both parties are guilty of furthering the U.N. Agenda

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