• I have heard many stories. But at this time, I believe that the Muslims attack the twin towers.

  • hold on, here -

    I had no idea this is what "911 truther " meant!

    Do I believe that ??? 

    Not just "no", but..."HELL NO" !

  • I'll  only  say,  then  why  were  there  explosion's  before  the  2  planes  HIT..!!  Remember  jet--fuel  doesn't  melt  Iron..!!  Citizens  brought  the  plane  down  in  the  field,  killing  some  Muslims..!!  As  for  the  Pentagon  was  one  strange  landing..!! 

    • Ronald,

      Not wanting to start an argument but I think it's good for everyone to know the truth. Jet fuel mixed with other flammable materials then having oxygen fed into it like a supercharged wind-tunnel.... could possibly melt iron, but it CAN most certainly weaken iron to the [point where it no longer carries weight.

      If you have ever been to the top of the Twin Towers you had to take a rather wild ride. That wild ride to the top is caused by air rushing through the elevator shaft. Air rushed through all the elevators in the Twin Towers starting either from the roof or by huge air vents in the underground parking garage. Once the planes hit they created large holes into the sides of these shafts which in turn acted like the worlds largest set of bellows blasting the fires with massive amounts of oxygen.

      Just info you may be interested in.

      • What caused the third building to come down as it did, in its footprint like a controlled demolition? And why were there many small explosions, even hours after the initial hit?

        • What I know for sure is that gravity had a hand in bringing the 3rd building down.

          It's crazy to think that this was part of some government conspiracy or any such thing. There are times when the most obvious answers are exactly what they seem. What happened on that day was a bunch of rag-heads followed the orders of Bin-Laden, aka Boss Rag-head, who put together the financing and helped with the planning to fly passenger airliners into important American symbols of freedom. They did this because in their tiny retarded barbaric minds everything bad that has happened to rag-heads over the years is automatically the USA's fault. And, according to the retard rag-heads, we are all evil and must die simply because we are mostly a Christian nation. The truth is... even if every last American converted to Islam, these POS's would find another reason to hate us.

          In one respect I would like to see the rag-head countries duke-it-out and kill off as many of their own retards as possible, just to have a week go by where we don't have some problem with one or other rag-head country. The entire planet needs a break from these idiots. My only hesitation to letting it get completely out of control is our friends and ally Israel being smack in the middle of all the madness.

          Anyway, rag-heads killed close to 3,000 innocent people on that day so I hope each and every rag-head that had anything to do with 9/11, dies a painful death and spends eternity shoveling pig-shit in hell!

          • David Swanson.....shoveling pig poo in hell for all eternity?  Piggies are one of God's creatures. Rag-heads are satan's spawn. Poor little piggies.....they are too good to be in hell with those stinken camel jockies!  ;-)  

            • I am making things a little tough on the piggies, aren't I?

              • hahahaha!  Yes, but that's ok.  hahahaha! 

  • I believe our government was complicit in it but probably Israeli Mossad and rogue agents/black opps from other countries took the lead roles.  The real power behind it was the Banking Cabal that is choking the whole planet. It took me awhile to get here, but now I can see no other way. There are just too many holes to fill in the official story and the Architects for truth helped me look at the facts without glossing over the events emotionally.

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