Is The USA Toast?

08 May 2015

Is The USA Toast?

"Are we truly watching a perfect storm of tyrannical darkness conquer the United States?  Have we finally been defeated by the ever-patient, ever evil, embedded communist, who've had their wicked designs on our nation for at least a hundred years?  Is our culture so rotten to the core that it can never return to virtue and right?  Are America's younger generations lost to Godless, communists indoctrination and ideology, which includes radical environmental lunacy and the eager embrace of militant homosexualism, and the destruction of marriage and family?  Is there no way to purge the systemic immorality and corruption that infects all our major institutions, our federal, state and local governments, our schools, the media and entertainment industries and corporations?  Is it even possible for this wayward nation to return to the founding principles and limitations on the central government outlined in the Constitution? ...

We have enemies of the United States inhabiting the Executive branch of the Federal government, and many enemies/minions in place throughout the Legislative and Judicial branches, as well as the federal bureaucracies and the military.  These people have orchestrated a near perfect storm of freedom-robbing evil against our nation.  While it not begin with Barack Obama (or whatever his name is), it has certainly kicked into warp speed under his dictatorship. ...

These communists (for that's what they are) in the Obama administration and Congress have managed to neuter any political opposition.  Whether the Republicans are in fear for their lives or the lives of their families, are being blackmailed for wrongdoing or are wickedly in agreement with the goals of the Obama administration, the result is the same: the agenda of the Obama Crime Syndicate is not being stopped, or even slowed down in anyway.  Christian conservatives and other patriots have watched in helpless horror and outrage as the Republicans have surrendered their lawful power to this Godless, America-hating, lying reprobate in the White House. ...

Regardless, those of us who are Christians - who know that the only way to salvation, to the one true God, is through His Son Jesus - have all the hope in the world, and everything for which to be thankful." ... 

"America" - The Movie: DVD Trailer: 

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  • As I stated before, I would set up a website. Sorry that it took so long. I had some more pressing matters to deal with while setting this up. 

    If you are interested you can go to:American's Strike Back

    There is room for everyone, as we are going to get up in their face ugly with all the corruption and misinformation that they try to feed us.

    Morning Star, thanks for the name suggestion. 

    • Larry D. McParland: 


      I checked-out the site and it looks great.  Tried to sign-up for the newsletter but got an error message.  I get a lot of error messages trying to visit or sign up on a few different sites, even with PFA sometimes.  I think my computer has a 'driver' problem, not able to fix it. 

      I've been shopping for a new computer (there should be good deals with the school new year starting soon) and may wait until then to signup for the newsletter, FB, Twitter... 

      I'm a little sketchy on the new Windows 10 launch - from what I've read, there are a lot of security issues to be addressed - which can be thwarted with opt-out procedures.   

      Congrats on the new website.  I will be checking it out.  If it will help, please feel free to use links/topics that I post on PFA. 

      I'm pleased that you liked the name suggestion.  :-)    

  • 'Repetition is the key to learning', hopefully before its too late ...

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    24 March 2015

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  • 19 May 2015

    The Patriot Act Is Now The USA Freedom Act:

    18 May 2015

    NSA Transfers Spy Gadgets To Local Police Departments:

    "The National Security Agency (NSA) is offering technology to local law enforcement agencies, including programs that pick different voices out of a crowd; cryptographic key generation; transmitter location; and even one that can facilitate the sorting of large amounts of data, such as that - that might be gathered in a cell tower dump.  Some of this technology can be used in conjunction with devices such as a Stingray, a cell towering mimicking device provided to some agencies by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Stingrays allow a user to glean identification data from a cell-phone user. 

    *  The (2014 NSA) catalog outlines the steps an agency must take to acquire the technology. ...

    *  This program is an addition to a Defense Department effort to send surplus military equipment, such as mine-resistant vehicles and heavy weapons, to local law enforcement agencies." ... 

    13 May 2015

    USA Freedom Act Passes Congress, Representative Amash Says It Will Not End Bulk Data Collection: 

    The Patriot Act is now USA Freedom Act
    Inherent Autonomy is the intrinsic nature of the human condition. BREAKING ALL THE RULES, SARTRE Commentary, America First, Populism, Old Right, Pal…
  • 19 May 2015

    U.S. Marines Subdue Civilians In Training Exercise In Arizona Public Park: 

    "In the United States, both laws (Insurrection Act of 1870 and Posse Comitatus Act of 1878) and tradition require that the U.S. military be separated from involvement with domestic politics and civilian affairs." ... 

    The Insurrection Act Of 1807: 

    The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878: 

    U.S. Marines subdue civilians in training exercise in Arizona public park?
    In the United States, both laws (Insurrection Act of 1807 and Posse Comitatus Act of 1878) and tradition require that the U.S. military be separated…

    18 May 2015

    John Kerry Calls For The Internet To Be Placed Under The Authority Of The United Nations:

    "In a speech today in South Korea, Secretary of State John Kerry said that the Internet 'Needs to be able to flourish and work properly."  This according to Kerry is necessary even for 'A technology founded on freedom.' ..."  

    17 May 2015

    United Nations Has Invaded 190 American Cities With Covert And Unscreened Islamic Jihadists:

    United Nations Watch: 

    • Handing the Internet over to the UN will mean the end of free speech on the internet, (They have already handed it over - Sept 2014) Other new rules and regulations take effect this October.

      Is he wearing an Islamic pint? No - that is a red ring around the base of the microphone standing in front of him.

      It only looks like an Islamic sign or pin. but it sure does look like one.

      • Old Rooster: 

        Thanks for clearing up both issues. 

        I didn't think that they were going to follow through with surrendering the internet since immediately after that - they started pushing to tax the internet.  They will probably do both.  I guess we best enjoy the internet while we still can - unless the plans get nullified. No one will notice or care until after it is gone.

        I now see what you mean about the microphone, although it wouldn't be too big a surprise if it was a lapel pin.  Yep, it sure does look like a lapel pin.  Prophetic? :-) 

  • 17 May 2015

    Dem's New Agenda Hauntingly Similar To Communism:

    "The aim is for the "Progressive Agenda" to become the basis for the Democratic Party's main economic policies, including those of its 2016 presidential candidate. ...

    Now WND documents that most 13 points in de Blasio's 'Progressive Agenda' can also be found in the manifestos and literature of the Communist Party USA and the Socialist Party USA." ... 

    16 July 2012

    Released List Of 70 Congressional Democrats Belonging To The Socialist Party: 

    15 May 2015

    Communism Is ALIVE & WELL!:

    "ESEA Re-authorization, will affect you -- Every American taxpayer!  Every American who owns private property!. ... :

    All money from property taxes is going to the State, and Common Core, with all the federal strings attached, which creates a nationalized education agenda." ...  

    05 May 2015

    Feds Panic On Mass Common Core Tests Refusals, Threaten Reprisals: 

    Progressive Agenda US: 

    Communist Party USA:

    Socialist Party USA: 


    12 July 2014  

    Pentagon Admits They Are Preparing For Mass Civil Breakdown:

    "A new Department of Defense (DoD) research program admits that the Pentagon has long been concerned about widespread social break down.  Even more striking of an admission is the fact that they have been funding universities to create models of dynamics, risks and tipping points that would all be part of large-scale civil unrest in the United States.  ...

    This program costing millions of dollars, has been designed for the purposes of immediate and long-term "warfighter-relevant insights" development.  The Pentagon Explains that the purpose is for senior officials and decision makers in "the defense policy community" to form a contingency plan in the event of wide scale social unrest." ... 

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