Kerry and this administration are guilty through his own words

"So I guess Kerry and this administration are guilty through his own words. But now he finances the enemy and through Homeland Security points to returning vets as the biggest threat to National Security in the United States....... From his own mouth., Hard to change facts and history!"

Tim Harrington


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  • sh*thead Kerry is a traitor 

  • Those that follow the Tyrant are always of the same absence of morals




  • The one man that if I were to meet him I would spit in his face. I still remember wanting to kick the tv screen
    when he was lying through his teeth about how we were cutting off heads in Vietnam. He also lied about his silver star and purple hearts and yet now this phony is going to lead us into war with the help of John Boehner and McCainiac. This is now a country run by criminals
    • our country has been ran by criminals for more than 50 years

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