I would like you all to take 8 minutes and listen to something. It is a speech you have all heard of. Given to the Constitutional Congress shortly before the War for Independence. War is never something to jump into, relished or desired. That said, there comes a time when it does become inevitable. I am not saying it is inevitable now, but listen to this and see if you see history repeating itself now. DHS buying 6 billion rounds, MRAPS on our streets, NSA spying on us, constant and continuous attacks on our liberties and freedoms America was founded on. Listen and see in your minds eye the Army being fielded right here at home and tell me this does not apply today. 


OK, Did you listen? No, then do it now....Libordth.mp3

Now, Relevant? So, Build your army.  Don't wait, get to work.  If we can not get the numbers in DC, our chances of a peaceful solution continue to decline at a rapid pace.  That speech from the King tonight is evidence of that.  If we can not do this, our kids may very well have to fight.  We might all.  This IS our liberty or death speech.  

The chains are rattling in DC and they are for you.  Will you lay down and take them? Will you let them continue to be forged and placed on your children any longer?  I for one will not.  I will break these chains and stand up against this Tyrant on his thrown and demand my country back.


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