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My concerns are all the people beating their war drums and calling for a fight not unlike Don Quixote and his adventures.  My question of the day is, who to fight and where?  My experience is that unless you have looked through the sights of a rifle at another human and pulled the trigger, not out of anger but rather because you are a soldier, then you have no idea what you are calling for.  At some point our enemies will become emboldened enough to press their evil down upon us.  They will bring the fight to us rather than us to them.  Gun control, registration, and ultimately confiscation come to mind and I for one will be the first to refuse any and all attempts to disarm me.  Maybe there will be a disaster of some sort; it matters not, only that they will come.

My counsel is to prepare for those times.  The time is fast approaching where we will need every man, woman, and child to do their part, but it is not yet here.  Running off on a quest provides the other side the opportunity for a little target practice and undermines any credibility we have for restoring the Constitution.  Involve yourselves at the local and state level and fight in the trenches.  Put up food and ammo, lots and lots of ammo, and create neighborhood watch groups and then link them together.  I say watch group because militia seems to be a bad word now and scares people away, but a neighborhood watch group is friendly and benign.  Alone you will fall and your neighbors will only watch in fear if not organized, but organized they will call out and band together.  Maybe not soon enough to save the one, but once engaged they will fight as a group to save others.

There are a number of ways to get involved and at the same time gather intelligence about what the other side is doing.  Aside from becoming engaged in local politics which you should then do more.  After creating your neighborhood watch groups and then linking up with other neighborhood watch groups in your area you can reach out to the local police and fire departments.  Many departments have reserve or volunteer forces.  You don’t get paid and you might have to purchase your own personal equipment, but you become an insider and will learn much of what’s going on locally.  Others can volunteer with your local Emergency Management Office.  They are linked directly into FEMA and DHS. Foot stomp - Hint, hint, hint…

On a local level you will learn about emergency services, food stores, and water.  You will also find out where fuel and equipment are located as well as where medical supplies are and where they will be located in an emergency.  But the greatest asset will be the social engineering and the level of trust gained between yourself, your group, and the local authorities.  You gather inside information and then use their resources when the SHTF. 

These organizations will have communications, local and national, when the civilian sector goes down.  They will have food, fuel, and meds when none can be had in the civilian sector.  If you and your local groups are on the inside when it all goes down your chances of survival goes up and if this is happening nationwide then we control those assets and deny them to our enemies.  Another side to this are utilities like water, sewage, and power.  With a little ingenuity and forethought local people can control and protect these services to ensure they are available to the people. 

All of this will take time, but this is where the trenches are and the fight is.  Not on a national level and not in Washington.  I think Washington is lost and like a cancer must be cut from the host.  We are being assailed from all sides and at all levels, but we are not without resources and we lack leadership.  We own all that the feds are using.  Don’t let them have it.  Find National Guard Soldiers in your area and invite them to join.  You will find them to be an invaluable resource as well and they have lots of neat toys that you will ultimately need.  They will also provide leadership on a local level that we all desperately need and they are plugged into the machine and can help fill in information missing elsewhere.

I truly hope this helps to direct people in the right direction.  Right now Don Quixote is jousting with windmills and the King is showing off his new cloths.  Everyone is laughing and we should be ok with that as we work quietly in the trenches and build our defenses.  I do see a light at the end of the tunnel and it doesn’t all look bad.  I don’t see it as a cake walk either and I am certain there will be violence, but I know too that this is America and we own it!  It is ours and we must fight, but let the fight come to us.  This is the only way to win and restore our Constitution.

As a foot note: I don’t believe in secession.  I do on the other hand believe in exile.  After all is said and done and we have excelled in our struggle against this evil dictator and his misguided hoards, we as a country must exile New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angelis, Chicago, and any other city where people are collected and wish to rule from the left and not from the Constitution.  They can have their own little countries and rule as they wish, just not with my money.  Just a thought…

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Agreed with you until you got to your "exile" comment.  They get no concessions.  "... New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angelis (sic), Chicago, and any other city where people are collected and wish to rule from the left and not from the Constitution",  WILL BE BROUGHT BACK UNDER THE UMBRELLA OF CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY, PERIOD!  We cede nothing to those who don't honor our Founders and the inspired work they did in creating a Constitution designed to afford dignity and unity to the Citizens of this Nation - not one inch!


Thank you for your honest comments.  I appreciate honest direct discussion without hiding behind politically correct doublespeak.  I don’t consider exile a concession if done for the right reasons.  I would not wish to create another West bank or Palestinian situation and you may be correct in your statement if not your reasoning.  I believe our language should be civil and our actions Constitutional without making concessions.  Like the Tories of old I wish them no harm, but I wish them gone from among us and short of execution exile would seem to be a better solution.

I second Clarence's position.

Well done.


Excellent thinking! I would do all you suggest but go a bit further in the area of recruitment. My reasons have to do with having safety and power in numbers. 

We need a National movement for many reasons and I'm pretty sure I don't need to explain, but some will say "how do we start a National movement?". It doesn't have to be hard at all, we just need to have some committed people willing to get the ball rolling. Without going into details here, we use something that works if done right. The magic word is "Marketing". We literally 'market' why we are trying to save this country. The trick is to 'market' to the right people and have all of us work off of the same script.

More would have to be developed with trusted people in private, but at least it could get us started in the right direction. In my humble opinion... the "right direction" means growing our ranks and fast. 

COncur. Being doing these things for over 25 years due to what was glimpsed under Carter, then Clintons and now the Part Boss. I see ATF, DHS, and the like as not much more than modern Gesthpo, especially with their tactics and self appointed decision making power, which does not follow civil law. I especially like the idea of they are playing with our equipment and when not playing nice, they shoud have their toys removed. Remember as well during the Colonial War, those who stayed loyal to the king had only one option, leave, as displayed loyalty would allow for nothing else.

IDF is a good model, as every living person in the nation is utilized for something during emergencies, even the blind can roll bandages or pack bullets; that is the attitude required. 

Now this is the kind of action that is taken when people, Patriots, get together face to face and begin to organize. The left has a huge jump on us, after all, they have the 'chief' organizer on their side.

I firmly believe that this sis precisely what Twana had in mind when she created the effort to get all of our members to join their state groups and the announce to all members what county they are in. The core groups must be the Patriots, not necessarily going under that 'handle', but as 'watch groups' as Paul stated. There is a GOLD MINE of information that can be gleaned from being 'undercover', as some of us are well aware of.

And Paul, if you haven't been tapped as a 'strategist' in our organization yet, I humbly submit that you be placed at the top of the list!

Bravo for a well stated plan of covert action!


I agree that staying in a city is akin to suicide, but not everyone has the resources to go somewhere else.  When things start getting interesting it may be too late to bug out and in the meantime folks still need to eat and all those other things that comes with living hand-to-mouth.  Personally, I have too many responsibilities to go find a hard site to make a last stand, but I don’t begrudge you or anyone else doing what you feel is right for you.  With this said I do plan for a fallback location, but I wouldn’t go so far as to identify as a last stand location.

On the flip side a well-organized neighborhood watch, militia if you don’t like changing terms around like our socialist brethren, can present a formidable front to rioters and looters.  You might even find that your neighborhood watch could pool resources to purchase bulk to reduce costs for all and release funds for more security minded purchases.  There are many possibilities and keeping a bug out bag and location would be nothing but smart.  Every soldier knows to plan an egress and rally point as well as secondary targets and identifying targets of opportunity as you exit.

Very well written. Thanks

ALL my nieghbors are DEMOCRATS!

time to relocate strategically

Sorry Old Glory, I know several Dems that profess to stand by the Constitution.  I think they call themselves Dems because they don't any better.



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