Constitutional Emergency

A gentleman that I worked for for a long time who was a (positive) influence on my life used to share "life lessons" with us. One of them was "don't ever become a cynic. It's not pretty and you won't like yourself".
Well...I have failed to live up to his expectation of me in that regard.
But, in self defense, as I look at all going on around us today I can't help but see the manipulation; nothing is as it seems.
These "shootings" horrendous as they are (and are "designed" to be)... well...take a look and you decide.

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Twana,  Yes  we  have,   Now  more  enter  the  Mix,  The  Giffords, Gabby  &  Mark   start  their   solution,  `Americans  for  Responsible  Solutions  PAC..   Oh  They  need  lots  of  Money  Donations..!!   Falling   deeper  into  gun  control~~ I  say  when  they  pull  the  gun  from   my  Cold, Dead, Hands.  Stop  this  train  wreck..!!

Thanks Ken. America and Americans have hit a new low.

When you are dealing with a very devious element, it is extremely difficult to not become cynical.  There are to many similiar actions between these horrific events not to be.  Senator being shot along with a judge who denied process by the administration.  Perpetrators of the crimes with  similiar mental problems.  So much varied information and exclusion of information.  Being cynical isn't a problem, not researching the item to its fullest is the problem.  That is what got us into this mess to start with.  Making the same mistakes over time and they are incorect assumptions that are being applied, is the lack of research.  If you can't trust the source, go to another proviider, then double check it.  Double blind solution takes out the error factor.




By the way, don't ever think I don't appresiate your efforts in this endeavor.

At the same time feedback is appreciated.

I never had much trust in government or government officials and now I have none.  God bless America...we need all the help we can get!

Why has no ever denied the report that Adam Lanza's father and James Holmes father were both to testify before Congress in the LIBOR Banking Fraud investigation.

I no longer put anything past a Government that armed countless drug cartel members with over 2500 so called assault rifles. I no longer trust anyone in government a the media. The old saying "Things are rarely what they seen to be" is now the order of the day.

I also have been very cautious and perhaps "cynical" I forwarded an email that showed 2 video clips, with possible "actor" in Colorado case and in CT. shooting to a "Professional Photo-Data Analyst", working for a national company, who had no clue as to why I asked or reason for seeing if there were similarities....The response I got astonded me.  She confirmed the person in one Colorado clip was the same as a "Mother" of victim in Ct interveiw....  However, there were "scrap book" type Photos that were from the media of the actual mother with child who was killed....and the analyst said that those photos were of a definitely different woman than was in the media interview....while this is only one person's professional opinion, it really blew me away....because the analyst is from left side of the political spectrum,and has stayed away from the news/gun issue...and therefore, I find less biased than most people would be about the potential of "actors" in these situations.

John, thank you for sharing that information, however, I would be careful about spreading that sort of information to people you don't know.  I know the NSA records everything that is written here but hopefully your post didn't have any of the buzz words they are looking for.  I may sound like an alarmist but read my post below.  These people will stop at nothing.

Ken, you're not being cynical.  What you are doing is raising legitimate questions.  All of these mass shootings are not coincidence.  Here is my theory of what is happening.  The demorats in the White House came up with the idea of Fast & Furious to put firearms in the hands of the drug cartels along the US - Mexican border hoping that the increased gun violence would spill over into the US and the sheeple would run to the government demanding stricter gun laws.  Obviously that didn't work because one of the very few honest people working for BATF&E blew the whistle on them.  (As an aside BATF&E has been an out of control rogue agency for at least 30 years and no one has had the courage to shut them down.) So now the question arises what do they do next.  How about some mass shootings?  So next we have the shooting in Arizona which injured Gifford.  By the way, I think Gifford was a secondary target.  The real target was the federal judge who opposed the administration.  That shooting caused some outrage but not to the level needed to push gun control.  Next we have Aurora, CO.  In addition to killing a lot of people we'll throw in the booby trapped apartment.  Again some outrage but not enough to serve their purposes.  Thus far nothing has worked, so what do they try next.  The next step is the shooting at Newtown, CT which has finally given them the results they wanted.  I know many folks will say this is all so far fetched and the US government would never do anything like that.  First of all as a former counterintelligence agent and trained investigator I can tell you that the story that has been put out about Fast & Furious makes absolutely no sense.  In order for Fast & Furious to have functioned the way they have explained it every weapon that was sold to the drug cartel's gun buyers would have had to have a bug planted in it and by their own admission they didn't.  As soon as those weapons were sold to the cartel's gun buyer the feds lost control of them.  Supposedly, there were a few that had bugs planted in them but that's just to give them a certain degree of plausible denial.  So let's fast forward to Arizona, Colorado, and Connecticut.  The first thing people will say is oh the government would never kill innocent children.  My response to that is, remember Ruby Ridge and Waco?  At Ruby Ridge they killed Randy Weaver's infant child, I believe it was a daughter.  I don't recall the number of children that were killed at Waco.  One thing that Arizona, Colorado, and Connecticut all have in common is that the shooters are supposedly mentally disturbed.  Are they mentally disturbed or are they perhaps the victims of a secret government operation using mind altering drugs?  The US government has a long and sordid history of using mind altering drugs to achieve political aims.  Do an internet search for something called MK Ultra.  MK Ultra was a secret CIA project using mind altering drugs.  I believe one of the first public incidents which helped to bring this sort of thing to light was when the CIA lost control of one of their subjects and he jumped out of a New York hotel room something like 30 or 40 stories up and the family sued the CIA.  Of course they didn't get anywhere.  I can recall seeing Army publications in the early 60's wherein they were looking for volunteers for these sorts of experiments.  You may recall the incident in Afghanistan some time ago involving Army SSG Bales.  The Army is now seeking the death penalty in that case.  That case has all the earmarks of an MK Ultra type operation and what better way to get rid of the evidence than to kill and bury the subject of the experiment.  No Ken you're not cynical.  You have merely come to realize how evil the United States government has become.



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