Constitutional Emergency

Oath Keepers is Going “Operational” by Forming Special “Civilization Preservation” Teams

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Thanks for the information.

I thought that Oath Keepers was made up of police officers, soldiers, who vow not to harm American citizens- so wouldn't some of the local police be on their (our) side? Of course, if the personnel of police/soldiers change and they hire Communists/thugs who will be loyal to Obama, then Oath keeper members would be at risk-

With only 30,000 Oath Keepers and nowhere enough.  You would need to know every person you are talking to.  You know there are people out there they will run back and tell others that are not like mined.  You can't get people to get together unless the have a chance of getting something free.  We have a Neighborhood Watch and it is hard to get them to follow the call protocol.  We have some who will email the head Block Captain the next day or 2 days after something they saw that was not right.  They don't call the sheriff either.  A lot of people are just too stupid.  We have guys who are ex-military and they don't do anything either.  So, to stick your neck not to people you don't know is not what I call fun.  I am all for the idea but, to get people off their asses is another thing all together.  I tired to get some on the people in our H.O.A. to train for WSHTF and I got one reply.  That one reply was from a woman.....NOT ONE DAMN MAN REPLIED.  The woman is in her mid to upper 40's and I am in my mid 60's.  It is like pulling frigging teeth.  The way I see it is most of the people want someone else to do the work for them while they set home with their ass on the sofa watching some TV show.  One of the best things you can do is to start a Grand Jury in your county.  It is in the Constitution.  Here's a link to get more information on it and you can contact the people on this site for help.  This is a good step in the right direction in taking back your country by one county at a time.   

Yet there is never an Ehud around when we need one.

Over 60 million hunters in this country...HUNTERS...Then there are your average joes who don't care about hunting but are apt to cary a firearm, I think we can handle it. It WILL be costly, but wecan do it. I always said, e always played cowboys and indians, cops and robbers. It's time to play rednecks and ragheads.


And this, my friends, is the bottom line!!!  



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