Constitutional Emergency

GOD BLESS AMERICA! * * * Please Share, "BOYCOTT!"
On This 4th of July, 2015 is Our National's 239th Birthday, We are Declaring Our Independence from This World and Our Total Dependence In You ALL MIGHTY GOD!


Today We Launch our National "BOYCOTT" ! ! !

Official “BOYCOTT” List
Subsidiaries Their Sponsors
* The Walt Disney Company
Disney World
and their TV sponsors
ABC / Family
and their TV sponsors from 7pm to 10pm Daily

* Starbucks

* Conde Nast/Advance Publications
Vanity Fair
Allure – Architectural Digest – Ars Technica
Bon Appetit – Brides - Conde Nast Traveler
Details – Epicurious – Glamour
Golf Digest – Golf World – GQ
Lucky – The New Yorker – Self
Teen Vogue – Vogue – W- Wired

Because of Your public and corporate stance, it is totally opposite of my Religious and Moral Beliefs!
It is because of this, I will not be patronizing your Business any longer.
I will also be encouraging all my friends and family not to use your Products and Services any longer as well.

"We Will Feed, The Beast, NO MORE!"

2 Timothy 1:7 For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.

To JOIN US and Get More Information Sign Into Website:

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Good luck Pastor...Morality has lost its place in America because of those like the Clintons and Obamas...Oh you can throw Al Sharpo in there to..I will continue to be a Moral believer in Jesus..But iam afraid to to tell you that christianity is in serious trouble..We are living in the end times i truly believe that..Iknow that Jesus said that he would never step in again but if there was ever a time for him to reconsider it is now...We need him...HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY

Amen George!

United We Stand or We Fall Alone!

This BOYCOTT is Way More than you think! 

Sign into our GUEST BOOK at the Website or Call anytime! 951-360-3399

I'd too, add a boycott of the fed, and any buying of, paying for, its regulatory arms, social order of the fed, promising to provide for "the least among us", that a One Governed majority, should unite, and do, has Promised.

If you want to stop feeding the beast, stop drinking its BLOOD! The lifeblood of the beast is its money supply, primarily the US Dollar. The evil men who created this system know that nations cannot ever pay their way out from under a national debt based on a fiat currency. It is enslavement on a diabolically large scale. How can anyone conceive of charging interest for the use of something that is created out of thin air, by fiat, by decree? Only the Father Of All Lies, and his myriad workers. Are you one of them? If you support the US Dollar by using it as your only method of payment, you are helping to keep the nations enslaved. You are doing the work of Satan.

Learn about non-corruptible currencies. Gold. Silver. Bitcoin. Start using them. Keep the fruits of your labor out of the enslavement system. 

I know,  I am asking too much. How will I pay for my TV programming? Dish Network accepts bitcoin. How can I buy things? Overstock and a host of other companies also accept bitcoin. Need a new computer? Try Dell, TigerDirect and Newegg, all accepting bitcoin. The list of places to spend bitcoin is very long and growing every week. 

Bitcoin, gold and silver are valid forms of MONEY. Why are you using the devil's money instead? 

If you want to boycott something that matters, BOYCOTT THE US DOLLAR and all other paper, fiat, unbacked currencies.

It will take some time to accomplish this. Using Satan's debt based money and credit system IS AN ADDICTION. And he's counting on you to remain blind, stupid and obedient.

Yes, bitcoin. It is NOT a fiat currency, as it cannot be called into existence by decree. Bitcoin has a hardcoded rarity, meaning only 21 million will ever be mined. It actually has more of the qualifications of real money than the US Dollar, which is a true fiat currency, funny-money. If you were to offer me a choice of dollars and bitcoins I'd take the latter without hesitation.

Just as gold has rarity and has the physical requirement to be mined, so does bitcoin. Bitcoin is mined by a huge network of computers in the private sector, operated by  individuals like yourself. This network is already outpacing all the previous supercomputers combined in terms of the number terahashes per second. The bitcoin network is already the fastest and most powerful computer network in the world!

Please Google bitcoin and get up to speed. Bitcoin is decentralized, publicly auditable, open source, widely accepted, and designed specifically to be impervious to government and banker manipulation. It's exactly what we need as an antidote to the Rothschild dynasty and its stranglehold on the world's finances. That's why it was designed in 2009. What email was to the postal service, bitcoin is to money. Do you remember talking about "e-mails" for the first time? That's where most people are with Bitcoin.

Also, gold and silver can be outlawed and confiscated.Your home and safety deposit boxes can be searched, ala 1933. But you can plausibly deny possessing cryptocurrency. If you refuse to share your password, NO ONE can get to it. In this way it's more secure than physical metals.

The money you have sitting at your bank is not paper money. There is no vault for most of it. Bank funds exist in digital, encrypted form on a computer connected to the Internet. Bitcoin is the same in that it is encrypted money, but We The People own and control the system.

What happens to the valuable data on your personal computer when the power goes out? It's still there when the power comes back on, isn't it?

Yes, "mined by computers" does exist in reality. Every 10 minutes, someone's mining rig is the first one to find an extremely rare number. That number is the encrypted form of that "block" of transactions, which is then checked by other mining rigs on the network. If found to be correct, that block is added to the ledger called the "blockchain" and the owner of the winning computer is rewarded with 25 bitcoins (currently valued at $270 each.) That's how bitcoins are mined.

Just for fun, why don't you describe how dollars are created? Now THAT'S hocus pocus.

Moses. You are correct. From my investigation the only way you can lose your Bitcoin is if your Wallet is hacked or you lose your password. They suggest multiple backups, use incryption, use complex codes, keep your Bitcoins in multiple locations. But if your computer crashes or the system goes down you will not lose your Bitcoin.

Michael, I'm with you on everything but the "complex codes" part. I haven't heard of that.

The developers are working steadily on making Bitcoin easy for everyone to use. The encryption is already built in. Did you mean validation? They've recently added that, which means it's harder to steal your bitcoins because each transaction requires you to validate it a second time by text message on your phone.

Yes that's what I ment. But also as with other personal
Codes like your bank codes they should be complex in nature, not like 1234567890. But yes encryption is already built in and they are improving the system. Hey, staying one step ahead of the government is a full time job!!

It's hard to imagine them doing it, but if the Internet was permanently destroyed by government, people would use the new Mesh network, a decentralized version of the Internet running on people's phones without a central server that can be manipulated.

Tens of thousands of computers are running the Bitcoin client. As long as one node running Bitcoin survives the attack, EMP, etc., a perfect copy of your Bitcoin holdings will survive and can be repopulated on whatever Internet is later rebuilt.

Going Rouge. Saw your answer to Moses. I'd like to comment... If the power goes down for years even if we all had all ours money in a hole in the ground it would be worthless. The banks would cease to operate and since currency could not circulate it would become worthless. If that were to happen the barter system would be the best means of making transactions with others I agree. Hope your stocked up on a lot of food, water, medical supplies, guns and ammunition because those will be the things of value. However, the power going out for years will not happen, even those nations enveloped in war throughout the centuries have had power, if it was knocked out it was for short periods.



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