Sleazier, angrier and more selfish part of America rising up...


By James Lewis, from The American Thinker

This has been a mean-spirited campaign, and the meanest, most destructive people won.

So be it.

In the last two Democratic administrations we have seen a sleazier, angrier and more selfish part of America rising up more and more in our political class. The Founders told us that ultimately our elected politicians are a mirror of ourselves. Just like you, before November 7, 2012, I lived in the fervent hope that the degradation of the Clinton and Obama years might be an exception to the long trend of American history. But two times eight years of radical leftists in high office can't be an accident. We can't just blame our sleazy media, or just the leftist political class, as corrupt and malevolent as they truly are.

No -- the balance of decency in America has changed. Every society has normal, decent people and the other kind. The America we grew up in was fundamentally decent. Decency was the expected standard.

Now the balance has changed.

The evidence for our sleazified culture can be seen all around. It is in our pop music, which has lost melody and now just has rhythm. We have a President who won on revenge against middle class values. That's what he meant by telling his people to vote for revenge. And they did -- showing us exactly who they are.

We are now a society divided between the makers and the takers, and the takers are on a campaign of theft and revenge.

We have a President who takes dangerous pride in his hatred for "middleclassness" as Jeremiah Wright taught him to believe. We have a President who culminated his campaign with a ghetto singer rapping about hoes and bitches, about drug-ridden and broken families, as if all those cruelties were good.

This is not normal, decent America.

It is not.

We need to face that.

Morality and values are not small things. The new tide in the affairs of America also means that we can no longer be trusted to defend civilized values around the world, as we have done for the last hundred years.

It's a sea change. Fools around the world will applaud Obama as a savior, but wise people will see us crumbling. They know they will be the worse for it.

Today the world is far more dangerous place than four years ago. If you doubt that, keep an eye on the rise of barbarisms around the world. Obama constantly facilitates barbarism, and the barbarians understand that much better than decent people do.

History buffs will remember that we've had decades of sleaze before. The Founders were followed by Jacksonian corruption. Abraham Lincoln was followed by Reconstruction. Yet we somehow found our way back. Come-backs can happen, but probably not soon.

So this is an elegiac moment, a moment of mourning for what has passed. From Truman and Eisenhower to Bush 43 we have had leaders of character.

No longer.

Republicans by and large still look, act, and speak like normal, decent people. But they have a hard time even understanding a thoroughly sleazified America. Normal, decent people do not know how to live in this new, barbaric society. We live in protected communities, we drive around in SUVs, like armored cars.

The left knows exactly how to act in this Brave New World. They've made it. We are now ruled by sleazy demagogues who take bribes from foreign nations that do not wish us well. Obama is the worst example so far. Even the Clintons, both selfish narcissists, were somewhat better.

With the decline of American decency, the civilized world has lost its foremost defender. America wasn't a world power in earlier times of corruption. We could afford to make mistakes. Today, our national decay endangers the world. The left has purposely attacked our self-respect, our pride in our morality and decency, and our crucial role in the defense of civilized values. We are no longer the Leader of the Free World, because we have lost -- for now -- the values that guided us. America can no longer be trusted, as we saw so clearly in Benghazi and the fraudulent Arab Spring. Any nation that places any trust in our promises today is run by fools. Our allies must arm up to protect themselves, or they must find new, trustworthy allies.

For sixty years Europe has lived off our willingness to come to its defense. The southern rim of Europe is now going bankrupt, and even France looks ready to crumble. Without our leadership Europe has to rely on itself, or on Russia, or on the spreading Muslim empires. But Europe has shown no capacity to defend itself. Maybe they will learn. Or maybe they will be swamped. We can no longer be trusted.


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Everyone read Jeremiah 29.  It tells of the prophecy of Israel captive and how God want them to live while in captive.  He tells Israel that He will restore according to His plan that will prosper and benefit Israel.  Also read Proverbs 3:5&6.  It will help with the depression we are facing.  Tomorrow we will organize to win and with fist of iron.

i am ready to power the fist

Thank you for putting into words what I inherently knew but could not articulate! 

Harry,   These are my feelings 100%. Thank you for having the skills to write what so many of us are feeling right now. God, we in the USA need you. Please help.

Donna.........I only posted someone else's words............

Citizens we must organize and be prepared. Time is short.

We are living in the latter days.

we have to get ready time is running out. Praise be to God!

I'm ready for Jesus to come and take us out of here.

America is crumbling and crumbling faster every day. All you

have to do is look around. Look at our teenagers and middle

schoolers most have no direction. They're like fish out of water.

They have no guidance. Parents have left the parenting up to

the public school systems and that's scares me so very much.

Those are the ones we are expecting to care for us when we

get old and can't care for ourselves. God help us.

We have to turn back to God. We have to go back to the values

that made us nation great. We have to all pull together and not

everyone do his own thing. Look at Europe most have pushed

God to the side and see how they are doing. God help us.

I understand broncobama signed into a law where he can have anyone killed, anywhere, anytime. If this is correct then the killing of ambassador stevens was a legal act and the other murders were collateral damage because they were told to stand down. I know that murder is wrong but can anyone tell me if this makes sense as a defense for broncobama on this issue?

The only catch for broncobama is that should congress do it's job and determined (sure, our treasonous congress will determine that) him as usurping the office of the POTUS, then any law he made becomes void and makes broncobama the killer he is, or the murderer he is.

Americans have been misled.  We have an enemy within.  There have been diversions by ungodly people. 

If people knew the Bible, followed the Word, we would not be having the problems we have today.  Now we will be suffering the consequences.  We were told not to allow immigration of peoples, we have nothing in common.  The enemy within opened our gates to people we have nothing in common.  The enemy repealed many Biblical laws on the books. 

We MUST return to God's Word!!

The churches have failed us...I feel they were infiltrated, along with all our other institutions.  Public education is an indoctrination camp....I say HOMESCHOOL!

We will turn this around, by turning back to God's Word, laws, principles, values.  We MUST stop legal and illegal immigration from countries we have nothing in common....DEPORT

God said there will be those peoples who will try to steal our blessings...God warned us.

All I can say is put your hope and faith into God Almighty.  Wouldn't surprise me if the antChrist is alive today. 

All we have left is divine providence.  I pray for the rapture more than getting our country back.  I see it too far gone and too unGodly to save.  



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