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Sundays will never be the same
 By Judi McLeod

Now that Gay Day June 26th has come to pass,  and Barack Obama had the White House flooded in the colours of the gay rainbow, Sundays will never be the same.    Sunday, that is, as the day Christians come to church to worship the Creator.  The progressives want Sunday, and as sure as Lucifer is now calling the shots, they will be coming for it.

Sunday, the day of rest, will ultimately become the day of arrest.(Read more)

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BHO has once again slapped Americans in the face.

The Day of Arrest.



SUNDAYS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME..... SO BE IT!!!! He who has ears to hear, let them hear, for I feel the the spirit moving me to speak. " if what is coming seperate the true believers from the Backslidden, compromising, dead churches of Revelations then SO BE IT. If standing on the Word of God means the True Church loses its tax exemption, it's buildings, if Pastors lose their salaries, if it means that the True Church as to meet underground in people's homes because they will not comprimise and hold fast to Gods word then SO BE IT. Listen you who have ears to hear, Satan has always twistedGids Word, he tested JESUS, you who believe are no different. We know not the time of the Kings return but we know the season. Things are heating up as never before against all true believers so we know the hour is late. Because you love Jesus and His Word the world will hate you. I am disappointed for a Church who say they love God to Allow a man to take their pulpit who whole heartedly condones Homosexual marriage, I don't care WHO he is. In his political speech at that church he talked about everything but homosexual marriage, I wonder why. I wonder how that pastor who laid in that coffin would of felt. The pulpit is first and foremost to exalt the Name of Christ, PERIOD!!! I am dissapointed not by what they say but what they did. They should never comprimise the pulpit to those who do not hold on to the whole Word of God. (This is my own opinion). Listen if you have ears to hear, YOU WILL BE TESTED as a refiners fire God will purify His own. The last thing I fell moved to say, Stand fast in the Lord and in the power of His might. Do not fear man, for what can man do, but fear God and stand fast if all you can do is stand, STAND, knowing we're surrounded by His angles and a great company of witnesses. "ALL who live Godly in Christ Jesus will suffer percecusion. SUNDAYS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.... SO BE IT"


 I do agree God will win in the end.  But it is up to us to stand firm on our belief in God.  We have let them take prayer out of schools and some Government buildings.  It started before then and has gone downhill fast.  We just need to stand tall.  But be prepared for the Gays to start picking on churches that won't marry them because it is against their beliefs.  They will continue to pick on businesses too.  They will never be satisfied until they bring down Christian Churches, which in my opinion will never happen.  We need to stand tall and be prepared!

I don't think we ONLY have to stand firm in our belief of GOD..(not discounting God, but)  We have to start fighting against this force of evil.. Typing is not defending what is happening today.. When the chit hits the fan, if you all think for one minute, all of us going out on our lawns with our guns will do it, you are gravely mistaken...We have to begin this and NOW. We need to form coalitions to stand together when the fighting begins.. I thought we had learned from jerk.. We need a plan of attack, and defense... Isn't this what we have been telling obama all along?  (fighting ISIS)

obama is on a roll right this minute.. He came out the evening after the gay decision and said, "feels good to win" and then yesterday, the big story was, we gays now have to ask for more, while we have a president in office that will protect us.IE: Housing, Job security, discrimination, all civil liberties must be set in stone today. 
Its just begun..

Typing is profoundly important to keep us all on the same song sheet.

Then when we do the real work off site it is much more meaningful.


yes the real work it is time long past time we get to it 

Don't use the word "gay" as it has been usurped by the criminals and traitors in government/media (one in the same) to make HOMOSEXUALITY seem nice and normal. We must not allow the traitors to dictate the terms of the debate, for they are corrupting our children with their filth.

Call them what they are; filthy, deviant, perverse homosexuals.

Mike - do not disagree with you. We can, now, reserve "gay" to the dust bins of correct history. Much of our language was & is co-opted by political leftists, liberalism, humanism [a 'religion'], by communism, by [another 'world religion'].

   Do 'Gay Pride' parades seem "nice & normal' ? Does 'Gay Pride' & other sexual identity 'pride' occupancy protests seem "nice & normal" ? Granted that common sense has been opted out by 'political correctness' - & I won't answer this question due to the auditing of forums by leftist liberals who strain to find anything to formally protest.

   Yes, times do show "corrupting our children with their filth" occurs as a "nice & normal" procedure within our elementary schools. Gov. Hassan of NH threw out a bill which would have demanded educators to notify parents of primary school attending children of "sexual based education" classes two to three weeks ahead of time. These are the 'nice & normal' levels enforced Mike. We must make some individual, family, small community adjustments.

   Calling them 'what they are".. invites the perversity of 'Hate Crime" judgments; and then,  by police enforcement, judicial action, & local government judgments arrests, separates, & isolates the objecting, 'politically incorrect' individual & small group.

   We must prepare & wait for the time..[Ecclesiastes - cptrs. 3, 5].


I have one word;( QUEERS )

faggots that look like maggots!!!



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