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Sundays will never be the same
 By Judi McLeod

Now that Gay Day June 26th has come to pass,  and Barack Obama had the White House flooded in the colours of the gay rainbow, Sundays will never be the same.    Sunday, that is, as the day Christians come to church to worship the Creator.  The progressives want Sunday, and as sure as Lucifer is now calling the shots, they will be coming for it.

Sunday, the day of rest, will ultimately become the day of arrest.(Read more)

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We Christians witness egregious decisions, verdicts, acts, & alliances at all levels of our Federal government. The same occurs at all state government & town/city levels. We Christians want to make a stand, vocalize a position, and openly display our heart felt opposition to the destruction of the culture, traditions, heritage  & foundations of America. Our America is not ! a democracy. Our America was never founded nor ordained to be a country governed by an elite, by corporations, by national banks, nor by any oligarchy - of any ! description. Freedom of religion was inherent within the foundation of America. A basic, elemental Christian belief was the cornerstone of independent, separated yet mutually defended settlements & communities. No government enforced religion, creed, cannon, nor clerical authority was allowed to impose itself upon the colonists, citizens, communities, nor territories. No 'catholic' religious organization was ever allowed to impose it's doctrine nor its political designs upon citizens nor local governments. This latter was specifically directed against the 'Royal' Anglican Church and the Jesuit Order of the Roman Catholic Church [reference letters written by the Adams, Ben Franklin, Hamilton, Jefferson, & others].

Yet, from Franklin Delanore Roosevelt's family political rule times, through the tumult & violent '60's; through & well beyond our America's reactions to the Kennedy assassination; and well  through the past 30 years & more of Federal political corruption - all the basics of our earliest culture, traditions, beliefs, and mutual protections became dismantled & discarded into quaint history remembered with thinning nostalgia at government sponsored 'Federal' holidays.

   An entire generation and more ! are, generally to the greatest majority, educationally brainwashed toward expansive liberalism with little to far less educated capacities to govern their own Life & living. We allowed our churches & religious institutions to be shoved to the side by Federal & local government liberal planning to reach into the family unit & far! beyond to 'protect', to 'equalize', to 'liberalize' & 'free' all ages, both genders, all social-economic levels from any! restrictions - child discipline & sexual experience; needed basic educational requirements; family social, economic, sexual, child rearing, basic necessities of living & habitation; contracts of marriage, & of extra-marital behaviors; any level of domestic abuses; and many more to which the reader, I'm sure can add. We became, to a large degree, bystanders, nonreactive witnesses, verbal critics only for a short time. We invited ! Political Correctness to supplant common sense, critical thinking, social norms, & traditional community standards of living one's Life.

   By what means ! does only 3-5 percent of America's population totally control our local & Federal government policies, laws, courts, legislative actions ? By what political machine ! do large corporations determine when, & how, & by whom laws, statutes, regulations are enacted by all levels of government only ! to benefit & profit the corporation ?!! Religious & community groups & communities railed against this; & marched & protested against these entire actions by government & favored corporations. That is where the term "Bully Pulpit" arises from !  NO ! BULLY PULPIT EXISTS IN AMERICA ANY LONGER !

Liberalism, humanism, communism IS ! the 'new' religion ! Liberalism is a mental disease ! [cfr. "The Liberal Mind" - Lyle Rossiter, Jr.]. Humanism was declared a 'religion' by a Federal Court of Appeals ! Political Correctness now exists as basis of 'Hate Crime' ! And history be damned ! - 'There ain't none! And, those who forget history, do not learn from history, refuse history - they'll all be forced to repeat it!  [cfr scores of 'classical' authors]. Is this the century, the time, the lengthening crisis for American citizens, patriotic to America, to 'repeat' our history ??  A hard decision - since our Constitution of 1774 was replaced by the Constitution of 1871 - which is a Constitution "FOR " American people, not ! "OF" the American people.

I've begun too make a stand, make some displays, raise my voice in objections & open criticizing in small ways. And, preparing for the future toward an America that will never once again return.


Right, and the only recourse that remains is Revolution to restore the original intent of the Constitution.

Thank you Lee for your reply.

Ecclesiastes : 3: 1-8; 5: 6-7

Lee - we have plenty of Christian scripture preparing for "our time" - from parable, to prophecy, to other gospel scripture. Our task now is to prepare mind, body, spirit ; to prepare our home, possessions, materiel, security, our family - near or distant - for readiness & will power to ACT ! Showing & displaying too much readiness to act only forewarns & forearms our 'enemy'. Camouflage, 'false flags', quick & intense & effective & anonymous / hidden probes - impels hurried & vain reactions from our 'enemy'. These must be planned & detailed & practiced & mentally rehearsed many times before execution.

George Washington initiated a raising of religious spirit by the "Appeal to Heaven" flags -preceding American Revolutionary standard flags -  within many militia, communities, & upon masts of revolutionary ships. I think we, now, can do the same as a beginning call to fellow patriots to mentally & spiritually prepare our positions & our firmness of resolve to take a stand.


William - all which you write is correct, in principle.

But, as we have learned over the past decade or so, an individual or small group of individuals taking this action becomes futile. Taking this stance & carrying out this action, at these times, calls forth an excessive & over whelming response of force against the individual or small group; & utter intimidating defeat, imprisonment, & isolation of them. Decrease your open profile of objection; limit to the least, if any, only absolutely required contact with any ! level of government; build confidential ties, bonds, agreements with like spirited & intentioned individuals & families & secure / confidential groups; prepare all materiel & economic security in reserve that you can extensively think of preparing. Then - wait ! - pray for guidance; mentally & spiritually prepare for the "time" [Ecclesiastes : cptrs 3, 5].


If you would all stop for a moment and ask this of those who paid for our rights to the freedom we had, and ask of them, what now,  You would know that only when there is the blood of heroes soaking the turf of this country will there be a possibility that we will win.


Yes, Allen, you are correct that nearly all the heroes of our country have soaked the turf of this country... yes, they are dead. And, the Obama 'army' of fully armed & militarized departments, bureaucracies, federal official enforcement agencies - all are fully ready to provide for much more 'blood of heroes'. And, nearly all our elected 'representatives' - at town / local, state, & Federal levels of government are fully ready to provide the funds to carry out any 'protective act' to sustain power, control, & 'preserve the Union!".. hmmmm... what confederacy stood up to that years ago.... brought on , not by "slavery", but by imposition of debts & financial & industrial controls & vested corporation / banking  politics upon a very large segment of the American population ?

    There remains the strong "possibility that we will win". Logistics, preparation, organization, training, & TIMING! [ref. Ecclesiastes, cptrs. 3, 5] are of the essence of any "what now" actions to be taken.


Brace yourselves.

David Barton hit it out of the park and over the river with this one...

David has a Ph.D. in American History and the largest personal collection of original founding documents as anyone.

Liberals, read what David had to say and WEEP !!!

I have yet to read a better response. Brilliant, inspired, anointed, I wish this was published throughout the nation, but I know the left would not permit it. Amen and amen.
The shame and disgrace of the icon of power and leadership being belittled to represent sin and imoral perversion is and should be dealt with severely. How the ruin of a once great nation has befell us in such a short time.

The above link will take you to a video that I received from Oath Keepers about Jade Helm!  YOU HAVE GOT TO LISTEN TO THE WHOLE THING AND SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW!

Oklahoma State Supreme Court says the 10 commandments must come down..... I guess "In God We Trust" isn't worth the paper its printed on!! Do not expect God to
Intervene in a country who has turned their backs on Him. Our nation has become a dictatorship not a republic by and for the people, it has become Godless not God fearing. Allah is given more respect and rights than the One True God. Homosexuals have more rights than God Fearing Christians. Instead of displaying Christian symbols showing out faith and belief in God the Gay, lesbian, Transgender rainbow adorn the White House. And to top it off we have a president who proclaims he's a Christian!! Our Nation has gone the way of Sodom, the homosexuals who sought to have relations with the Angels who entered Sodom and Gommorah are alive and well in America, in fact they are being celebrated. If anyone thinks God is not going to judge America for its abominations and sins you do not know the scriptures.



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