The Fascist Smoke and Mirrors show on removal of 2nd amendment hearing is in full swing


What I've heard so far is exactly what I expected to hear out of DC and all that testify. What will the NRA end up doing in the end? I suspect like usual they will go along with some restrictions.


Should we call our legislators in DC? NOPE! They do NOT care what you say or think.......both sides of the isle and they have no concern about you voting them out as they steal elections so they don't concern themselves with that either!!!


What should you do? Make sure your state stands up against the tyranny that will flood out of DC. Once you are disarmed - YOU ARE NOT A FREE MAN/WOMAN!


Remember the 2nd amendment is for us to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government like the very one that is in DC and in many states!


This is a state work for you to do, In your state groups!



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"Should we call our legislators in DC? NOPE! They do NOT care what you say or think"

Agreed! I have given up on all of them ... and NRA, too ... to be honest ... too much of "politically correct" ... that is so lame and so destructive!



The problem is that 1, 10 , 100, or a 1000 patroit groups could NOT win any type of Action.  There has to be just ONE Command, Trained, Organized and Equiped, just as they are, otherwise its just going to be a lesson in futility,  but I'll still be in there pitching.

Agreed Twana, most anything that is going to have any effect at all is going to have to originate within the states. The federal government has become useless and can no longer be counted upon to do what we the people desire. Everyone needs to do as I have thought for a long while and fix the problems from the local and state level, tel the federal gov. to pound sand.

It's about the Constitution!  The Second Amendment is all the authority we need to "keep and bear Arms."  Those who would disregard our Constitution may Legislate away, but it is OUR DUTY to live the oath many of us have taken and honor that inspired Document.  Keep your guns!  It is a sacred responsibility assigned to us by our Founders.  Stand your ground even if that ground is only your front porch, but do stand your ground, regardless of the cost.  Never surrender your guns! 

You stated this exactly the way it must be done. What bothers me is I see so many that would cower and give in to save their own ass. On my block there is maybe one person who would stand and fight besides myself. The rest would peek out their curtains and leave it at that.

The day they come for my guns is the day I will be shooting back. I never in my lifetime would have imagined that the

American people would sit back and let this corruption get so far along. As I speak Obama is attempting to replace our Bill of Rights, firing general's who do not agree to fire upon American citizens if ordered and Obama is shutting down the military defense system on our southern border which will allow low level aircraft, terrorist and others to enter our nation undetected.

What is is going to take to get the citizens of our nation to take a stand and go after them in Washington and physically remove them in any way it takes.

we the people,who are the real government,we were at the albany rally for guns across america.i have been emailing wayne/nra/amac/john birch society/all militias/all freedom loving,god fearing american veternas/citizens.even donald thrump,who stated ovomit/satan in revolution begin,no donald not a revolution an evolution,of we the people,i have emailed all stated,and ask them were and when.we no longer have any politicans who care or listen anymore,and ovomit/satan and his un american treasonous vile snakes,in his adminstration are lawless,useless,treasonous.we should gather under one giant freedom umbrella,and communicate/focus/prepare/plan/adjust plan as needed,talking and praying is good,but it is just two parts of the pie.a journey starts with a first step.we don,t have to like each other,we just have to show up,i know its hard getting 2 people to do anything together,but we will continue doing the emailing/faxing/phone calling to these bought and payed for traitors in government.and pray for a peacefull solution.god bless sheriff joe and cold case posse,chuck norris,frank serpcio,and all legal american veternas/citizens.yea thou i walk in the shadow of the valley of death,i will fear no evil/ovomit 

I live in the Soviet State of New York. Are you suggesting I contact Supreme Soviet Chairman Coumo or the ruling class State republican senators who did away with my rights ? Only kidding. My only option is to move but I am to old. I do not know who I hate more,rino's or liberals.

Thanks for the invite Twana Oklahoma and Wyoming are in my dreams. Hopefully my son and Grandsons will make it out there someday.

The war is coming and it will come quickly, we must be prepared as of last month.

Throw the fear of God into the NRA by cancelling your memberships. I was contacted by the NRA after joining Open Carry, Ted Nugents website as well as other gun related ones. I sent the NRA's form back (in a prepaid envelope) and told them to remove me from their mail list as I didn't believe in some of their policies and political posturing. Amazingly, not long after, I got a phone call asking me to elaborate. I gave some examples (this was back around 1998-2000) and told them I got more bang for my buck from GOA & NAGR. They tried their darndest to get me to join. Still haven't and won't either.



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