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Amen to that.
Amen.... I'm in.

Hallelujah, Wild Bill.....Bring em on....

My sentiments exactly!!!

Wild Bill is great!

When Pastors give up worshipping the Dollar, and get back to worshipping God, our Country will turn around.    Too many in the Pulpit are so worried about their Finances, their Tax-Free Status, that they are "going along to get along".   God sees through you, you'd better  save your Souls.  I praise, and worship with Pastors ,who live in the eyes of God, and are uafraid, and I am truly thankful for these Brave Souls.  I hope many join in.


Amen to those Pastors who are beginning to lead from the pulpit....For a nation to turn back to God, the truth must come from the pulpit first.......Unfortunately, that can't happen in a 501-c3 church....Support the Black Robe Regiment!!

Take a look at Chuck Baldwins latest article admonishing church Christians we have no choice but to resist the tyranny in Washington, D.C.  Whatever it takes to perpetuate our liberty and freedom.

I've been waiting and searching for a pastor, a church which loves God and our God-given rights and freedom enough to speak out against this tyranny we're living under.  I finally found one - heard the pastor on the radio and plan to attend next week.  It's a ways away but well worth the drive.  I've left my politically-correct, cowardly church because of their silence. 

Thank God for good men and women who serve you and speak out against the evil exploding all around us.



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