Constitutional Emergency

United States Supreme Court Will Soon Issue a Landmark Decision on the Validity of the Constitution


ATLANTA, Nov. 13, 2010  /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The United States Supreme Court will soon issue a landmark decision on the validity of the Constitution.  The Supreme Court will consider three petitions filed by William M. Windsor, a retired Atlanta, Georgia grandfather.  The decision should be rendered by the end of the year. Unless The Supreme Court acts, federal judges will be free to void the Constitution.

The Questions Presented to The Supreme Court by Grandfather Windsor are:

  1. Will The Supreme Court declare that the Constitution and its amendments may be voided by federal judges?
  2. Should federal judges be stopped from committing illegal and corrupt acts to obstruct justice and inflict bias on litigants?  
  3. Will The Supreme Court be afraid to disclose the corruption in the federal courts?

These questions are presented in three separate Petitions for Writ of Mandamus filed with The United States Supreme Court the first week of November 2010 (appeal numbers to-be-assigned).

Windsor has been involved in legal action in the federal courts in Atlanta since 2006.  Windsor was named a defendant in a lawsuit (1:06-CV-0714-ODE) in which Christopher Glynn of Maid of the Mist in Niagara Falls, swore under oath that Windsor did a variety of things including the crimes of theft and bribery.  Windsor stated under oath that Christopher Glynn made it all up and lied about absolutely everything that he swore. 

Windsor then obtained deposition testimony from Glynn and the other managers of the Maid of the Mist boat ride in Niagara Falls, and they admitted, under oath, that charges against Windsor were not true.

Despite this undeniable proof, federal Judge Orinda D. Evans declared that the grandfather of three should not have fought the lawsuit, and she forced him to pay over $400,000 in legal fees.  Windsor appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, but federal judges Dubina, Hull, and Fay rubber-stamped Judge Evans' ruling. Windsor then took his appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court where the justices said the appeal was not worthy of their consideration (cert denied).

Windsor believes that the federal courts and nine federal judges violated the Constitution, the Due Process Clause, and the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Ninth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution.

Windsor says: "I have discovered that, at least in Atlanta, Georgia, the federal courts operate like a police state in which the judges are all-powerful, committing criminal acts from their benches and violating the Constitutional rights of parties who have the misfortune of appearing in their courts."

Windsor has now tossed the hot potato right square in the laps of the justices of the Supreme Court.

By filing mandamus petitions rather than an appeal, The Supreme Court is forced to deal with Windsor's allegations of corruption in the federal courts. Grandfather Windsor hopes for the best but fears for the worst: "I hope The Supreme Court is decent, honest, and cares about the Constitution and the citizens of the United States. However, I am sorry to say that at this point, I suspect the corruption goes all the way to the top.  My charges have been totally ignored by the United States Attorney's Office, the FBI, and Congress.  I have said to The Supreme Court that the issues can all be boiled down to one question: Is The United States Supreme Court prepared to stop the federal judges in Atlanta, Georgia from functioning like common criminals?"

Windsor says: "If The Supreme Court fails to act against these federal judges, the citizens of the United States need to know that there is not a shred of decency, honesty, or Constitutional rights in our federal courts.  Corruption has consumed the federal court system, and we now live in a police state.  Judges are free to do absolutely anything they want.  Our laws are meaningless. Your life savings can be stolen by a federal judge, and they have no risk in violating every law in the books."

The Supreme Court may render its decision before the end of the year.  It's one retired grandpa against the United States government. 

For more information, see

SOURCE William M. Windsor

Copyright 2010 PR Newswire. All Rights Reserved.

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I did not say anything of getting rid of the an of the three branches. I merely referred to getting them back inline with the powers that they have been given under the Constitution. All three have been twisting their given powers for decades and it must be stopped. I see where this would be a valuable tool in the right hands.
It and several others; that's what we're talking about doing!
It isnt corrupt, if one would read what the "Smart" program is about, and if one would read the Pdf files that can be found on the USAID site, under Laws/Governance, one will see what they are doing with each and every Nation to put the NWO in place. Under the Judical Pdf they call it "PROGRAM". To them it is not consideredd corrupt, its considered a new way of getting the laws of the UN into the nations, by sharing as they say "exchanging" ideas and laws with each other aka U.S.A and RUSSIA (page 18) pdf file. are doing now. WE AMERICANS call it Corruption, Treason, UN-AMERICAN, ect, they call it UNITY, Share the Wealth, better known as NEW WORLD ORDER! This ruling will Show how far their "PROGRAMMING" has gone in the United State!
It's UNCONSTITUTIONAL, that's sufficient! Their NWO is entirely socialist/fascist/communist and pro-Muslim Shariah, all of which is ANTI- American, ANTI- freedom; and ANTI- everything I took an oath to support and defend, and I think I can safely say others here feel that way about that same oath they also took, having seen multiple expressions thereof over the past several months from them. We don't want that program in the US, and we don't want their socialist/ fascist/communist system either! Now if that's what you want, how you want to live, may I help you pack for your move to somewhere that DOES want that?
Someone should ask O'Reilly to talk about this
Good posting! I'll be interested to see how this turns out. We'll get to see how left our new appointees are....
Right on the money!
We need to take America back means also impeach most federal judges. I have a case where a federal judge dismissed it based on something that was not in the case. He created a straw man of something not there and dismissed it. I appealed, and it was rubber stamped. I didn't bother going to the supreme court since they appear corrupt. All of this is part of the Bilderberger plan. Our communist presidents, members of Bilderburgers, have been appointing corrupt judges for 70 years.
I moved to Tennessee knowing the circuit court in Illinois is corrupt. Judge JOHN TODD KENNEDY was appointed because no one would elect him. When he broke the law, the higher judges just rubber stamped what he did.
Or at least make it unmistakably clear to those NOT convicted of outright criminal actions from their benches, including legislating from them, that they WILL be held to the yardstick standard of the LAWS as the SOLE measure by which they mete out justice from their benches, and those laws will ONLY be those that ARE in keeping with our Constitution!
That should also be tr1070 true of SB 1070 in AZ, but welcome to our nightmare, Truck!
The constitution should not hang on a thread in the courts. Notice the problem on gun rights. When an issue gets to the Supreme Court currently there is a vote of 5 to 4 in favor of gun rights. Why is that not a 9 to 0 vote? So one judge makes the difference on gun ownership rights? I suspect the court will find a way to side step and not actually make a clear decision on this case. There are supposed to be three branches. The court was not intended to take over the rest. But they have. So our revolution is not complete.
That's why it's so important to vote Obumbler OUT OF OFFICE in the next cycle, Ginsburg of the SCOTUS is not in the best of health, a Republican conservative president can nominate a conservative to the court and increase the number of judges who use the Constitution as a measuring point to determine constitutionality of legislation instead of personal feelings, international views, or leftwing ideology. Our sinking Republic has been under attack from the marxists since the turn of the 20th century with WWilson but even more directly impacted since LBJ's great society welfare system was created in the 60's and an advanced agenda adopted under Clinton. They know that the American people turned on Clinton's agenda and healthcare and they see the same thing with Obumbler and the overwhelming defeat on Nov. 2 will only ratchet up their desperation to achieve the "fundamental transformation of America" before the next cycle can begin. The Revolutionary Communist Party is now calling for "violent" revolution in North America to institute their Constitution for The New Socialist North America, you can use your imagination as to what could incur in the U.S. in the next two years especially since the Fed. and Treasury are buying up our debt, shrinking our dollar value and driving up inflation and product and service costs. We are looking at a worse future now than when Obumbler came to office, specifically because of the leftwing agenda and the steps they are taking.



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