Constitutional Emergency

UPDATE: This need has been met! Thank you everyone! I need 4 beds on Sept 11 for 4 Wounded Vets from Texas

UPDATE: 9.5.09

The Wounded Veterans are covered. They will be at the March on DC and also Walter Reid.

I do have two others that want to go to the March on DC and WRAMC rally. One lady's name is Tankerbabelc. She has been literally supporting deployed troops and also when they return home she still keeps up with them, goes to visit with them and helps them in anyway she can. She doesn't just pick a few to support, she supports and rallies support for whole battalions. Whatever our troops need or want she gets right on it to get it to them.

She has a blog here that has kept up with her support of them. She spent 14 months endlessly supporting the 173rd Airborne in Afghanistan. She also cried many tears for the fallen of the 173rd. And now she's supporting more.

She wants to march with us and go to WRAMC with us, but because of the economy, her job has slowed down and left her with a lack of funds. I am in need of $195.00 to get her to DC with us. Would you please help me get her to DC?

Also I have one more person that only needs $50.00 to get him to DC.

If anyone wants to help with these needs, please let me know. We need to move on this quickly because I leave for DC next Thursday (9.10.09).

Kelly Hoag, a former Marine Lt, is bringing some wounded Marines up from Texas for the 9/11 event at Walter Reed on Friday the 11th. Captain Hoag will be speaking at the March on DC event.
We need 4 beds for these honorable men who have sacrificed so much for us. Will you please help me make sure they have a place to stay with us at the Comfort Inn?

UPDATE 8.30.09 - 2:00 pm:


Thank you for the below information. I appreciate everyone’s effort who has offered financial and lodging support.

I will know the exact numbers going to D.C. by Mon, 31 Aug during the day. I don’t know exactly what type of support we will need at this point.

I have CC’d Sgt Reyna, who is the motivated hard-charger coordinating directly with the Marines. He will contact me as soon as he has exact numbers and we will at that point know what kind of support will be required. I will keep you informed along the way.

Please thank everyone who posted on that blog, and is offering these Marines assistance to be a part of this event! I look forward to meeting those patriots!

Semper Fidelis,

Kelly Hoag

UPDATE 8.30.09 - 11:00 am: "Stand by...I need to check with Captain Hoag on her efforts first. I needed a fall back position in case she had problems".

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Do we need donations?
Okay, thanks, Twana.
I have a spare bed. NO CHARGE!!!!!!!!! (If they don't mind sleeping in the same room with ARMY!)
I sent an e-mail to Don Anglin
They WILL get a place to stay ... standing by.
I'll tell you that I'm not a Veteran of the United States Military. And you current or veteran military personnel are the best people in the United States of America. I'M PROUD OF YOU ALL!
Standing by - will help with donations or anything else. Can't help with beds, as I only have a one bed room myself.
I will help with a cash donation for a room for these men.
Please email me at and let me know where to send a donation.

Standing by if donations are needed!
Twana my room is paid for. Two of them can stay in my room
Will help w/ donation if needed, and proud to do it!!
I will gladly pick up the tab for one of them. Room, transport, special needs. The whole enchalada. Just let me know. Regards, John



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