(If the link above doesn't work, scroll down and I downloaded it then uploaded it here as an attachment. I recommend everyone download it.)

Note there is also re-education camps for our troops and veterans too. Folks.....this is it!

I do not want to hear our military is bad, not from patriots! We know our top Flag officers are politicians and obviously helped write/develop this. But that in no way means our military as a whole will do this. Most of our military will not. Remember they are our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, moms and dads, aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews, neighbors and friends. I said all that for you to wrap your head around the fact that there will be a force but what force....not our military but the new civilian force.

Also note, this is just an outline. There is much more out there so............if you find it, please let us know so we can get it posted and alert all patriots.

The good news is....this gives us part of the enemies plan. Sun Tzu - Art of War = know your enemy!

Very important for everyone to stay on topic on this. It can spiral out of control in Hussein Obama admin. fashion. Going into Chaos will be the downfall if we allow ourselves to do it. Stay focused and don't let infiltrators and distractors, lead you like sheep, off topic and into chaos. Recognize them for what they are!



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  • I would like to know where the info comes from on the camps because there is NO CAMPS on E.A.F.B. the only possibility would be up by Cantwell at the listening post that area is somewhat secritive.

    • There's at least one other person I know of here who needs to speak out on this, who says he can't find some of these camps either.  The key word is VERIFICATION.  So what ball do we need to keep our eye on ...I say it is State soveriegnty, Nullification and Unification of Churches, chambers of Commerce, VFWs, American Legions, Lions Clubs, VDA, USPU, Sheriff Mack's C.P.S.O.A,  etc. Regarding elections, shouldn't we be worried about WHO COUNTS THE BALLOTS, (if we have the November elections);  To me it seems we have plenty of time to get back to PEN and PAPER for Our Ballots. I'll have at least one person from the Republican Party down here coming to the Tea Party meeting in an hour and a half that also believes this. Moreover if we can get folks racheted up to unite, that means we agree to keep an eye on each other and make sure that No one gets dragged off to Camp. We have camera cell phones and on these phones we better have each other's number

  • Where are these trucks located?

  • Twana, I would in no way suggest that our troops are the enemy. I am simply pointing out the fact that they will be misled into believing that we are the enemy. They will be told that we are terrorist cells or some such to prod them into doing what the government wants them to. They will be told that we are attempting to overthrow the government etc... I know how the military works and have the utmost respect for our troops but to think that they will not arrest us, by being misled, is to be naive. Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting that they will conduct an all out war on the citizens but small actions against small factions of radicals (patriots) would not be out of the question. I also agree that the groups you mention are the ones to worry more about in regards to a civil war. You will not find anyone more disgusted with the ROE's and the untenable situations that our troops are facing than I. Imho the hardest thing that may occur is facing some of our own in the onset of any armed conflict, I am unsure of what I would do in that case.

  • I just listened to "" Radio Talk Show,

    Stan Dayo and Steve Quayle guests. They talked about this subject and

    everything else. Mentioned Russian Spetnaz (Special Forces) are staying.

    The Russian Troops already here in Georgia, over heard by Russian Speaking

    friend, discussed with Americans. Low regard. The Russkies would be joined

    by other Foreign and UN Troops to disarm us. 

    Also Home Land Security pushing for a Civil War.


    • Like so many of you out here I’ve been reading and watching, listening to what is happening all around the country. And also like so many of you I’ve been trying to figure out what to do to stop a complete Marxist Communist take over of America. How can we prevent these people from destroying our country?

      The answer may be to do just exactly what they do NOT want or expect us to do. And that would be to do nothing, nothing at all. (well almost nothing that is) Nothing as far as they are concerned anyway.

      Here’s the dilemma. In order for Obama and his Marxist minions to declare Martial law they need a crisis, they need civil unrest. They need rioting in the streets and in our cities. That’s what the Occupy Wall Street bunch is all about, and also the New Black Panthers lead by Louis Farrakhan and the Reverend Al Sharpton. I think it may have been Bernardine Dohrn or Valerie Jarrett that said she didn’t understand where the riots were, why weren’t the people rising up and protesting in the streets yet. We all know that they patterned their strategy after the 1960’s riots in Los Angeles and Detroit and other places, Some of you may remember Kent State Collage.
      They need a mass uprising, chaos, burnings, destruction of private and commercial property. Back in the ‘60’s there were many people killed, cars over turned and burned in the streets. In the 1970’s there was a Teamsters’ union strike that caused near chaos. It shut down the trucking and shipping industries and caused food and fuel shortages all across the country. In order for them to ‘take over’ the country by force they need civil unrest. They need massive riots. They need chaos.


      When I say perhaps we should do nothing, what I’m really saying is that we should deny them of the one thing they need most, riots, uprisings, and chaos. They need a march against Washington. Why should we give them the one thing that they need to initiate a state of emergency and martial law?


      Now before anybody here starts accusing me of being a pacifist wimp that’s not willing to standup and defend this country, let me stop you right there. My guns are loaded and ready and my go-bag is packed. I can be out of here is five minutes or less. I may be getting old but I am a Veteran and I did swear an oath to defend and preserve this constitution. I’m just trying to figure out the best way to beat these bastards at their own game.


      When I suggested that we do ALMOST nothing what I was saying is that we should simply deny them that which they desire most, the riots and civil unrest. But that “almost” part could entail just about anything and everything else. Educating our police and law enforcement officials, get our local judges and local and state reps educated and on board. If they refuse then work to get them out of office as soon as possible. By any means possible. Educate your community and people around you. I know we’ve all been working at that already, but there are many other things that can be done as well. Play the same game that these usurpers in Washington have been playing. Overwhelm the system, throw them into chaos and force them to show their hand first. How can the state and local law enforcement or the Army justify arresting people for “rioting” when there are no riots? Make sure your local law enforcement people know that, make them aware of what is happening. There are tons of things we can do, you just have to wrap your heads around the concept of guerrilla warfare. That does not necessarily involve killing people, shooting at government workers, or blowing up things. But it could involve creating confusion within the ranks of federal workers like the TSA or FEMA or other federal agencies that are involved. How do we do that? Overwhelm them with requests for information. Show up in person (in masses) at the front gates to some of these fed facilities, demand attention, ask for documentation, make sure you get their attention, and then disappear. But come back two days later and do it all again.


      Use the “flash-mob” concept of seemingly uncoordinated assault and then vanish in an instant. Move on to the next site and do it all again. Disrupt their efforts to get anything done. It generally takes three to eight minutes for any law enforcement to arrive at any one given place, by the time they show up to quell a ‘riot’ there’s nobody there to arrest. But there may be another ‘riot’ happening across town someplace. And another one in yet a third location an hour later.

      I’m not generally talking about ‘teasing’ the police here. I’m referring to instilling confusion and a disruption of workflow in these federal agencies that are in charge of implementing this “Transformation of America”.

      Make sure they know we out number them 10-20-100 to one, and make sure they know we are coming sooner or later.

      Like I said, get your head around the concept of Guerrilla warfare, just don’t shoot anybody, (not yet anyway).


      • I like everything you say Ronald until you get to the "flash mob" scenario.  That is a recipe to do exactly what you argue against in the first part of your post.  It would be only a matter of time until it boils into hostile, killing also turn the police against us.......

        I cannot support the "flash-mob" concept but think you're on solid ground in doing everything we can to plan for the worst but don't give the marxist/communist a reason to attack us or implement martial you point out, the idea of calmly taking non-violent action should not be viewed as being "pacifist" but standing ready and prepared to go quickly should the need arise.

        • Thanks for chiming in on my 'crazy' idea, everyone. Golden Eagle, and Larry, the concept of causing disurruption to their daily work flow is part of the concept. If they have to file reports for every complaint, make them file two hundred reports every day. If there is any legal actions that can be taken against these agencies, file ten per day, (make that 20). As for agency personal, find their home addresses and them make sure they know you have it, (don't ever NEVER hurt anybody - especially kids) OFF LIMITS.
          I'm talking about agency administrators, not pensil pushers or secretaries.
          Harry, As for my reference to 'Flash-mobs', I was using that term as a frame of reference, something most people know about. We typically think of these 'Flash-Mobs' as the jerks that have been going into department stores and stealing anything and everything they can. That is NOT what I'm referring to. What I was suggesting is to go to an agency (EPA, NSA, TSA, DHS whatever) and simply show up enmass, make them produce documents that show what they are doing, who they are, who authorized them, What is their legal authority, just disrupt their daily operations. And then get out.
          Remember these federal buildings belong to us. There is no need for any type of distruction. DO NOT BECOME ANOTHER TIMMOTHY MACVEY. As far as staging protests in Washington or in other major capitals, two or three fairly large "five minute protests" might be enough to draw their attention and disrrupt their daily agenda. UNarmed, and again, no physical destruction. Just keep them off guard and keep them wondering. Let them know that we are here and we will be a force to reacon with. Up to this point we have all been on the defensive, mostly doing nothing but complaining about what is happening in and to our country. There are a million ways that we can fight back if we just use our heads.

      • CLDC (Citizens for Legal Defense of the Constitution) is an organization me and Jason Mann started. Initially we sought to rally a similar thing to which you are talking about which would avoid the OWS-like excuse for government oppression. The only difference was to use what was said at various locations to get the message out that the media will not, facts that are in the public domain. A general description is found here: . We had trouble organizing these "events" and have since developed a legal brief that is being looked at by several constitutional attorneys which would get the NDAA, NDRP, expatriation act and executive orders (which all need to be in place for the treason to commence) in front of the last branch, the SCOTUS. This would both highlight the relevant issues to the public and hopefully cause the revocation of these laws and the political turmoil that would follow would cause the Marxists to run for cover or rat on each other.

        I believe the legal action is solid, legally speaking, yet many attorneys are hesitant to stick their necks out in this environment as it gets directly in the face of this regime. 

        Therefore, I have two requests: 1) help with getting the events working, 2) referrals to any attorneys who would be willing to stick their necks out for their country.

        Why Join CLDC?
        Written by Larry Spencer and Jason Mann The Need for Bold Dissent "If it be asked, what is to restrain the House of Representatives fr...
      • Ronald....I love your approach and your you have any suggestions for these kinds of actions?  I know for some agencies, they have to file a report, every time someone files a complaint.  So I know for one situation happening in my community a few years ago, the way my neighborhood got action was to have another person call and file complaints....every fifteen minutes for about a day.  It did not take long for the bureaucrats to get really pissed off, and they finally resolved the situation just so that we would not call and file any more reports.

        So perhaps we need to figure out what would overwhelm DHS and the DOJ.  If our local cops and sheriffs knew what we were doing, they could perhaps help tremedously in this battle.  It's like drowning the feds in their own bureaucratic bs.  It works.  We just have to figure out what buttons to push to tie up the dysfunctional system interminably.

        One thought I have is the "see something, say something" campaign.  Suppose members of our groups just started filing reports on EVERYTHING!  I'd suggest that the families of the federal "investigators" be examined very carefully, so that when reports are filed against them, these investigators begin to really understand that the problem is the system, not the people it is attempting to regulate.

        I'd also have a good hard look at the locall schools and begin to report every teacher who does not teach real American History....essentiantially, an American History teacher who is using the all so popular these days "People's History of the United States" written by Howard Zinn, the former president of the communist party in the United States.  If any of you read this garbage that is being passed off to our high schoolers as American History, you will immediately recognize the communist intent to train their future cadres through our American Education System.  The entire book is dedicated to raising the propensity for class warfare under the guise of "correcting injustices" within our American systems.

        You are correct in saying we have a huge task of educating our people so that once again, they understand our constitution the way it was written, not the way it has been bastardized by the past and current regimes of communist and terrorist administrators who's lying treacheries are taking us down.  The muslim extremists are flooding our courts with their lawfare cases.....time for us to return the favor.

        I'd like to think that it's not already too late to use this approach....but I might be deluding myself to think so.


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December 2nd, 2020. President Donald Trump has released a video on voter and election fraud.
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Well that didn't take very long. Biden isn't even formally declared to be the President-Elect yet and he's already selling us out to the United Nations.Why wait until he's inaugrated as president, that's just a bothersom formaity. One of those left-over details from that old US Constitution thing.
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