Constitutional Emergency

On the Classmate web site.
I posted the story about a former classmate; a man who previously could physically see,
Yet is now blind. I am trying to help this individual. I have asked others,
To help.
This story shows up as a Valentine story.I have let it stand as
Such. For once, I was blinded, my mind clouded, the truth unclear , yet, now
I can see.
Often we think of sweethearts as the sole purpose of Valentine's
Day. I think of the heart, love and the compassion that for many of us has
Changed in direction . The person that fills the bill of that sweetheart
Status has changed many times over the course of our lives.
I tend to remember all those I have loved and cared for in my life. Most of you
Reading this fit that criteria or can relate to this reality.
A friend in need is a friend in deed. You need not personally know a person to treat
Them as a friend. We can not give to all those who want or need. We can try
To lend aid to those who's needs we are aware of.
We have a vast pool of resources that were born out of our communities. I have known many people,
Crossed vast cultural and geographical divides, as have many of you.
I believe that God has given us strength that peaks and declines over the
Course of our lives. While we are strong, we should protect and help the weak.
Someday the shoe will be on the other foot for all of us and we will all
Need the strength of others.
The true test of character, the selflessness we
Extend to others is the measure of the content of our heart. We often talk
About the stairway to heaven or the mansion in the sky,metaphorically. We
All have opportunities to add a stone to our mansion or a step to our
Stairway. We do this by doing or helping without the gratification that our
Human nature makes us crave. When you do favors, so to speak, for people
Without being recognized or caught. The doorway to Paradise, peace and
Contentment is opened. Amazing things will happen in our lives, your life.
I am compelled to share these thoughts and realizations. As a doubting
Thomas, someone that needed all things proven to him, I have walked paths
That give me no pride to talk about. I have stood next to and on the
Shoulders of kings and queens. I hope most of you will see that if you let
The less fortunate stand on your shoulders when you are strong ,you are a
King or queen and in your hours of need there will be shoulders for you to
Stand on. Honor and nobility are not a birth right they are qualities that
Are inside each person.
Our actions determine whether or not the
Proverbial shoes will fit your feet. There is no greater love than to give
Of yourself. For myself, I have been known in many ways. Had great victories and
Tremendous discord. Certainly, adversity has not ignored me. Everything, up or
Down; all the love and dislike that has been a part of my life have added
Pieces to the puzzle. I have reasoned it out. Truth: that if you do good
Things good things will happen to you and yours. One person at a time, we
Create an environment on earth that will be handed down to and from
Generation to generation. In these times of great uncertainty ,there is one
Thing I am sure of. These profound understandings that I share with you
Are real and true. They are as clear to me as the laws of physics. This
Valentines day, today or whenever, extend yourself and your love to others
Not just that husband ,wife, one significant other, or your children .I
Have known hell on Earth. I have lived and now live Heaven on Earth. There
Is no question which life I will choose to live , we must create it
And develop it. Once again I will use the words of a man I admired and
Respected, Dr.Francis Tracey, my High school principal, "If it is to be , it
Is up to me!" .

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