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Pastor Marc. As you well know Satan is called amoung other things, the accuser of the Brethean. Tim accuses bt does not state evidence and facts. He accuses me of being a failure as a Christian and a patriot. But does not give me facts to support his opinions. His knowledge of Christianity could be written on the head of a pin. He says he's defending the nation and bashing those who post here. From all of his posts he is merely an accuser, with no facts to back up his accusations. He denounces Christ and attacks Christians as UFO believers, he's ok with denigrating our nations symbol because the courts say it's ok, unable to distinguish between a good law and a bad one. I'm sure he believes that gay marriage is ok because the courts say so. He accuses Col Riley with no proof to support his statements. He and Satan run in the same circles. He's a good example of a spiritually dead person who has embraced Post modernism and Culteral Realitivisum. What ever is the flavor of the day he will eat. If the majority feel beastiality is ok I believe he would embrace it because in America we are free to believe and do as we see fit. He and others like him are ships without a rudder. Not knowing the Truth they hold onto and believe the Lie. He and those who think like him are only repeating what cultures that have gone before have done and descended into obscurity. Let us hold fast to the Truth, knowing that in the end times people will depart from the truth and worship the creature rather than the Creator. They will reject the Saviour and believe the Lie.
Going Rouge... Didn't know he is no longer with us. Thanks was about to boot him myself, but I though I'd let Col. Riley have at him. He's a sad case. I saw your conversation with him on chat but not the part you were talking about. I'm forever amazed how people come the beliefs like Tom. He's a prime example as to why our corrupt leaders are getting away with what their doing.

On another site someone posted this to the Pres....." The day is coming when YOU and a host of Muslim leaders and the UN...will look into the VERY JEWISH EYES of our Creator and Judge, and HE will render you all,  the righteous punishment for how you have treated His brethren " The Jewish People and those who also bear his name " Christians" , and may you feel HIS mighty wrath ! Dead on post Pastor !

I totally agree, and with a new president it will be business as usual and deeper we will go into total surrender of our will to live.. The Generals are waiting:http://americanpreppernation.net/?p=269

Harry, I couldn't not have said it better.  Sadly, you are spot on in your analysis of the treasonous conduct that permeates our Political Class and Judiciary.  


your last line God Help us! says it all  as it is clear we are unwilling to help ourselves.

I have tried to organize with no response and you are proof of that with all your efforts and no response.  A lot of blogging and no action gets us nowhere and will cause us to lose our country. I am an 81 yr old woman who knows a lot about the destruction of this country. I have watched it go down daily because no one cares enough to fight for it. Money and greed are their God. I am sad to say that a lot of the people blogging here are in that category. Big mouths with no action. God forbid get off their butts and plan something. What we need now is a revolution and you know from your past experience that will never happen. So yes we will get what we deserve because of laziness and greed.

I pray that you are wrong Jane.

I care about my country, when is congress going to stop this. No b@@@@.

Colonel Riley, Sir:  i believe it's HIGH Time for All the Generals who have been thrown out by obama to petition Dr. Ben Carson and Ted Cruz to form their alliance for Commander and chief and V.P., ( Each indicating the unimportance of who shall be the PRESIDENT),   and announcing what Generals and other fine civic leaders, (such as Thomas Sowell, Bobby Jindal and others), who they will call upon to be their cabinet members as this woiuld be an unprecedented pre election procedure for the purpose of notifying  the voting  American Public, which would give the Republican Party the impetus to break their heretofore "normal"- traditional method of selecting their standard bearer for the Presidency. A public outcry for this type of procedure is the only thing that will get the Fat Cats of the Republican party to relinquish their "Finance-Centric" modus operandi for putting their PERSONAL ENRICHMENT on the BACK BURNER where it should be. Left to traditional procedures the REPUBLICANS are  as EQUALLY Equipped as the DIMOCRAPS to DESTROY OUR GREAT NATION...............These IDIOTS Must be SCREAMED at and PRAYED For or a PATRIOTIC REVIVAL- RESTORATION is DEAD. 

Richard, Ted Cruz is a fraud, he is not eligible for either President or VP. 

I agree with you, Luke.  I follow the maxim that if something appears to good to be true, chances are it ISN'T true!  When I see him on TV spouting off about his support for the Constitution, I have to say he makes it quite clear he does NOT support the Constitution or he wouldn't even be running!  Hypocrisy or what!!??!!  He is entirely too smooth and well-scripted, saying all the right things to sweep everyone along in his midst!  Someone commented on a comment thread that it is possible the GOP did nothing about the Muslim-in-Chief's ineligibility in order to open this up for just someone like Cruz - I can't say whether that is true or not but it would certainly explain their failure to vet Obama properly.  Not only is Cruz not eligible, but he is supportive of amnesty (he terms it "legalization" which is exactly the same thing) and increasing H-1B visas by 500 percent.  He states this on his OWN website, and yet, when I comment about this, the Cruzbots jump on me as badly as the Obamabots used to do.  They have accepted him as if he is their savior and soooo many people are jumping on board this further usurpation of our Constitution.  Sickening, to say the least, to see all the sycophants out there!

I CARE.... I care deeply for our country. I have been, like you, asking and telling people for over 6 yrs now that the person in our W.H. does not care for it's people or for our Nation.  Now I am afraid, afraid that it is to late for us to survive. We have tried and tried, yes we have awaken some, not enough tho. Now we are caught with our pants down, most of us scared too death. Some are ready to fight, I do not want to fight, not with guns, not with the government wanting to kill us all. I think the government would win, then what?  China will come on board, Russia too.. OMG, Lord plzz help us and the USA..



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