Everyday we are constantly bombarded with new information about what the Obama administration and those pulling his strings are doing to destroy our country. Everyday we are horrified and disgusted by the arrogance of those who gleefully and willingly participate in the destruction of our country.

We get mad, we post these articles and alerts which keep us up to date on all the new traitorous actions of the fascist/socialist who's desire is to destroy/remove our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and Sovereignty. They speak misinformation about our founding document...our foundation...to make them appear to be without value, effect, consequence, or significance and void. We now know that our government is not listening to us, nor do they intend to.

We do have some (very few) honorable men and women holding some government position who are there to serve and not be served, who are standing firm for our Constitution and Republic. They are like lone rangers because as they have stood up to fight for our country, many of us are sitting in front of our computers talking about all that is going on, but what else are we doing to help them, or to help ourselves and to fight for our children's futures? I have to add there are many people standing up and fighting for our country to, BUT they need our help.

I was watching my young niece tonight who was reading her bible preparing for her Sunday School Class tomorrow. My joy in seeing her studying her bible was overtaken with fear of what would happen to her in her adult years if she were found reading her bible. Then my mind wondered into imagining her in a burka. I imagined her being beaten by the likes of the taliban for her ankles showing, for her being beaten because it's a man's duty to beat women into submission. Of course then I thought of her children she would have and what would they endure.

I also imagined if Islam didn't dominate our country and Communism did. My niece still would not be better off. What would happen to her if she was found studying her bible or teaching her children the precepts of God. What would happen to her children? She would not have the freedom of conscious, of exercising her conscious, she and her family would not have the liberty that many have bought and paid for with their blood. Her children will be forced to attend communist or islamic government schools of indoctrination. Her sons only if it's islamic government. Her daughters will be thought to be lower than chattel. I can't live with those thoughts.

So, what can we do?
What are we willing to do to make sure this does not happen to our country, our children,
grandchildren and their children?
What are we willing to sacrifice?
Are we willing to be arrested like Allan Keyes and jailed in our fight?
Are we still consumed with our worldly comforts to get out and fight?
Are we beaten down by our government to where we cower and do nothing?

When I use the word fight, I don't mean for us to physically fight unless we are forced into a corner and that is our only last hope. I mean putting boots on the ground....putting actions to our words.

We are now constantly reacting to this government. We need to switch that...we need to get on the offensive.

I'm asking everyone here to brainstorm and offer hope and suggestions on how we need to change our tactics to achieve what we want to achieve. Please list your suggestions, even if you think they are goofy or insignificant ...still list them, they may not be and/or we could use parts of them as a start or part.

What I don't want to see or read is America is doomed and there is no hope. Please help as we are all in this together...standing side by side, shoulder to shoulder.


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It came through this time......... Good point here. I agree -proactive not reactive. I learned in jiu-jitsu years ago that the one who wins is the one with the element of surprise. Sometimes, that is all that it takes. I will be interested to see what comes up. deb
America is not doomed, the LORD will honor the prayers of Valley Forge and those who agree.
But your statement is legit ,because we will be defending our nation,and some will still not do anything cause it goes against the doctrine of sugar and spice and everything nice
The most brilliant thing I can think of is to organize a large conference to showcase people who have legally immigrated here (and possibly sought asylum) from countries that went through a similar experience to what we are having now.

When I hear these people call in to radio shows to give their personal stories about how they saw this very same thing happen in their native countries (whether it's Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, England, Canada, etc. [latter two refer to nationalized healthcare for the most part]), and how the language of the American politicians is sounding more and more like what they heard before the tragic falls of their countries, that REALLY hits home with me.

These people came to this country to ESCAPE the kinds of things that are about to happen in our country. They think we are fools for taking this beautiful nation and ruining it as is happening today. Whether it refers to healthcare, socialism, political correctness, environmental lunacy, general tyranny... what they have to say to us will go a LONG way to convince anyone who thinks we are heading to any kind of utopian society with the current governmental model.

I don't think it is "OUR" troops we have to worry about. Obama knows this, and I am afraid he will use foreign troops.
If he does, they will die in scores. American patriots will rise as never before to defend our homeland.
Of course it won't be OUR troops. It'll be foreign troops brought in while our own troops are overseas and can't do anything to help us.

Right now I belong to two state organizations,and two or three nationwide organizations. All have the same goals in mind. But, we are to scattered. If we could come together as one group and set one goal at a time as a unified effort then I feel we could leave a footprint no matter where we have been or where we are going. Just a thought.
First of all we need to continue doing what we are doing, just do more of it. We need to actively seek out and join more members......We should never neglect to recruit a new member if we have the opportunity to do so. We need to get our State and local Representatives involved in our endeavors. I email every day my Republican Representatives regarding my Country, our Constitution, the criminality of obama and his criminal cohorts. We need to counteract the left wing crap by blasting them with the truth with letters to the editors of our newspapers. This is about the only way we can reach the majority of locals. By this means we can spread the truth across America like the Santa Anna winds .....
As for what I'm prepared to do..........Well much more than what I express here at this time....After all I wear two Purple Hearts. I hope you get my drift.
Jim Cannon
Charlie has identified the problem and it is without a doubt THE biggest problem. We are scattered all over the place. The TEA parties were excellent but again they were scattered throughout each State. To continue along the lines of Charlie's suggestion of coming together as one group in a unified effort, the problem I identify with this is that most of us simply do not have the money to travel to one specific place at one specific time, unlike our so-called "leaders", who have ample funding from us. Perhaps we could meet, each of our groups, in each State at one specific time on one specific day each month, and link up somehow by telecon or something (I leave this to the technofolks among us!). If this were adopted, I think that many of us could afford to meet up at a time and place in each person's State, without too much expense, by driving instead of flying and by staying in affordable motels or RV parks. This would, of course, be easier in the smaller States, but still attainable in the larger ones. As we become more unified through this statewide process, it could be possible to pare it down to maybe ten meeting places, such as one for the southeast, one for the northwest, etc. This could be a realistic way in which to meet with people with the same goals.
At http://www.votestrike.com we have started a bank boycott and a no spend protest. Did you know that credit unions pay higher interest on your deposits than banks do and charge less on loans? They also do NOT require a bailout. There are 100s of non violent protest to choose from. The media reported that POTUS was unaware of the tea parties that took place last month, well than lets make them feel it where it hurts, their wallets. Join the NO SPEND PROTEST here- http://votestrike.com/non-compliance_wallet_strike
BANK BOYCOTT here- http://votestrike.com/no_bailout_bank_boycott

Civil disobedience only works if it can be sustained, we are now forming groups to commit civil disobedience here- http://votestrike.ning.com

God bless Keyes. Civil disobedience confronts unjust laws, and changes them.



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