I was on this site from 7:00 pm to 8:00pm and then I get a "Down for Maintenance" and it looks like it occured on all the Militia sites.  What just happened, has the sites been compromised by someone?

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Twana said she received the same message.  I didn't receive it but I may not have been on the site at that time.  Suspicious......

I got the same sign on 2 sites.....

I was not on but along the Middle Atlantic states there was some truly savage weather killing 13 and putting power out and creating problems for what might be weeks as described on a 6:00 P.M. Newscast here 40 miles North of Boston. We had a little locally severe weather last night but apparently NOTHING like what the states to the south of us experienced.

A good reason might be the storms, power outages, heat that is happening around a good portion of country, especially east coast.  I also heard, google, netflix, and other sites were knocked.  just saying... might be..

I had the same problem.

Not just on the militias sites but on all the patriot sites... at least all the ones I've been with these past 4 years.


Be careful.

They have the capabilities to listen and read all you say and type. Have family member who retired NSA

I do not need a relative to know they can do this. It is and has been general knowledge for years now. Fact is if they want you, they can find you.  It is not like it was when I was young, one can no longer hide for long even with help. Change your name, they know. Change your location, they know. Sadly, the predictions of Government in our pockets applies not only to taxes, but to all kinds of surveillance today. I started to learn about this around the mid-1960s. 

I say sadly because even though we have thought we were free, we no longer really are.  And we are the ones to blame for not stopping it long ago. Why did we do nothing while it was happening?  Why did we do nothing when we saw them taking a little more of our freedoms with the passing of each piece of legislation designed to see to it that some so called disaster or horrific event never happened again. Actually, no legislation can ever be designed to keep us from harm if our own Government will not adhere to the basic of all such guidance contained in the Constitution of the United States.  Just ask anyone in the current administration or in Congress today and that also includes the supreme court....they can do what they want and to hell with WE THE PEOPLE. Are we going to let them continue to take us down the road to slavery?  It is a slippery slope and getting more  slippery each day.....Is it not time to do something about it for a change?  Is it not time to let them know we are sick of their actions and will not take it any longer? Or we just all going to sit here jawboning about it while looking for someone else to bell the cat? Semper Fi...

You are not alone in your thinking brother.  Many of us are feeling the same way.

You could not be more correct in your assessment.  The problem is, most people are just now opening their eyes...which is waaay too late!  We are trying to put together a core group of people to help us get some action in a few arenas we need to move in our direction. 

Is there anyone who like to help us achieve an overall goal of:

1. Making politicians accountable for the Founding Documents?

2. Changing the political landscape in a overtly Conservative way, without "giving" the election to BHO?

3. Empowering The People of The United States to ENFORCE the Founding Documents?

If anyone has these same notions...please contact myself or Mr. Harry Riley.  We will get you additional details.  The time has come to rise as one.  HOOAH!



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