Constitutional Emergency

From: Joe Bennett Date:06/06/2014  1:07 AM  (GMT-06:00) To:  Subject: Call Colonel Harry Riley


If  you do nothing else, do this one thing.  Call your representatives and tell them to call Colonel Harry  Riley.

Go to and click on Take  Action.  Enter your zip code.  Call your Representatives and tell them  to call the Colonel.
Make them (your Representatives)  state:


1.      Will they obey  the Constitution?

2.      Will they  honor the oath that they swore to defend it?

3.      Will they help  to deconstruct the federal government until it is back in obedience to the  Constitution?

A deadline is  set for July 4, 2014.  Representatives that do not respond will  automatically be placed in the ‘no’ column.  Your Representatives will be  emailed the number to call.


There is a  notes section to log your conversation and the name of who you spoke to on the site.

How will we  ever push them back across the line if we do not know that the line  exists?

Be persistent,  but polite.  Be determined, but  respectful.  Calmly insist.  Do not yell, use profanity, or be  rude.


Just tell them to call the Colonel. We The People are taking  inventory.

“A  nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive  treason from within. An enemy at the gate is less formidable, for he is known  and he carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves among those within the  gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very  hall of government itself…he infects the body politic so that it can no longer  resist."  - Cicero

Joe  Bennett OAS - Special Assist. to COL Riley

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Well Ms. Cracker that's a poor excuse that I didn't think of.

Charley, thank you for standing with us there...I am sure that Col. Riley and I bumped into you at some point. God Bless your sacrificial effort.

Very enlightening responses - from absolutely (Graham's staff) to will get a direct answer from Rep.Gowdy and send it to lots of rhetoric and avoidance from Tim Scott. SC

So I followed up Tim Scott with an e-mail. Made him aware of the difficulty I had in getting a direct answer. Now the ball is in his court. Let's see how he returns it.

This will make a great side to an awareness flyer. It gives people something to do. A clear way to take action - I love it. Will get it put together to start distribution no later than Monday, God willing!!!

Travelled to Nevada and stand with Patriots actively holding off the Federal Government from taking the Land of the last Ranching Family of 52... is that not enough?

"Military !

Honor Your Oath !

Defend Our Constitution and the Rule of Law !

Not Corrupt Presidents and Politicians !"

Sic Semper Tyrannis !

Thank you Joe, well done!!!!!!!!!

All tweets seem to be deleted.  I post quite a few with OAS and OAS2012 hashtags, and they are gone almost immediately.  The only way to tweet your rep and make sure it stays on THEIR acct is to respond to one of theirs. FYI

I have been in the Allegheny County Jail for 23 days from May 25 to June 17 for standing up to the Baldwin-Whitehall School Board Stalinists. Was attacked criminally by guards there for telling them what I thought about their lousy county government.

Tom: "Greater love has no man than he who would lay down his life for a friend!"  Thank you for being bold!!!



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