Please provide your thoughts......this is the place to share your personal observations on realistic efforts we can reasonably expect to pursue that will restore constitutional government, republic principles, and how we can do it?

I believe we have one more election, if that, to make a difference in installing representatives that are ready to give their lives for the US Constitution and serve in the US Congress.

Read what others have said and share your own........

Harry Riley

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About What?
Talked everything to death. 'o' and his minions are not listening. The American people are in the way of what is coming down the road!
My observations, are that the current regime in DC doesnt give a hoot what the majority of the population have to say or want. That they are going to cram as much Nazi garbage down our throats they can in as little amount of time as they can as they know they are on a very limited time schedule. The sad thing is that once they have gotten their policies and programs in place, it will be the Devil to pay to get them undone. My biggest fear is that the Obama Adminstration will try to figure out some way to declare a national emergency in order to suspend the 2012 and 2014 elections. If this it to happen, I fear a Civil War could break out, and that the Obama Adminstration would call upon the UN and other sources for military might to attempt to put down any kind of civil rebellion here in America.
At that point, what happens?
I don't even feel a 2010 election is in the works let alone 2012. He knows the social-dems will get voted out if we have the 2010 election and that shuts him down. I feel he will make his move soon. Whatever move that is. Just a feeling and not a very good one.
Let him go and try. Challenge it court and it stops the process if he tries anything stupid. If not then let the chips fall where they may on his shoulders and his alone. Besides ther is not enough jails to fill why because they are over filled now. Do you really think by locking up 3 million people would solve the problem nope.
I do agree something is is in the air and this emanual guy in the White House is dangerous. Also watch asnd lets see if Hamilton get appoimted by congress to the 7 th court of appeals then we will know where we are heading for and get prepared.
And if you dont know who he is, the Judge that says Jesus should be taken out and ALLAH put in and that parts of the Shari law should be put in place. And beware of CAIR be very aware of them trust me on that and thats all I am saying.
Ken, I guess that depends on what happens with 2010. If Republicans take the house with enough votes, we might have a chance.
I think if we have a Civil War, America might not last.
Do you really think our own boys would fire upon there own citizens especially those that have been thru hell 3 and 4 and 5 times already. And if the Un would be brought in it would the biggest violation on this soveirgn land of ours and would cause even more outcry. Look if civil war comes then let the states divide and if two or three countries are formed out of this then so be it. We all know who caused it Mr. O himself. I once said if this country divides then the lefist socialist can hva e one part of the country and the constitutionist and Bill of Rights conservatives the other half.I was at a federal conference that had some seminars and most where guys and gals that had served there time in the military and this was a year ago. They believe this country would survive a civil war and most of them could not fire upon there own citizens. Of course ther are the hard core nut cases that would but ther is enough citizens and groups that believe in our rights to defend. If not then the way of life for the past 50 years has been a sham from all sides. I for one am not doing the political correctness here anymore or this so called diversity thing hell this is one reason of our collapse. Do you know that each Somalian Immigrant that i know of has over a thousand dollars in food stamp cards oh yes they do. When I was doing Asset Protection, cashiers would complain they get more then the whites and mexicans now explain that one. And when i was at Immigration in Columbus Ohio the director told me point blank we give them everything do you think they would ever blow up this tower or any other tower that houses Immigration and naturalization HELL NO son.

So what we need to eduacte and challenge these sob and socialist agendas hard quick and fast and below the belt if neccessary rules of war my son. They want to fight dirty so can we and the gloves come off now.
What will happen? A great many will die. Millions will die from violence, thirst, disease, exposure, and bad judgement. Many will be put in prison camps--that have already been built. Those who are already lawless will have a grand time. Desperate people will do desperate things, and some will not be able to live with their actions afterwards. The few, the prepared, will probably survive...if armed troops do not confiscate their food under Executive Order 11921. All any president has to do...and I wondered if Dubya was thinking of declare a national emergency. Congress is dismissed for six months. For a minimum of six months Homeland Security rules and NO one can question their actions.
well, Ken, at that time, we all get to collect as many blue helmets and shiny new firearms as we can!!
I myself wouldn't mind a troop carrier for our police force here..not that they need it but it would be something neat for them to have and's practically free!

Make no mistake, Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats want a constitutional abiding government. This is something we'll have to do! ever last mothers' son and daughter needs to vote.
If anything else happens, we need to think on our feet and act in the interests of our own freedoms.
I think we need to cover more Tea Parties and pass out cards or flyers with the web-site on them. I attended the Tea Party in Waterford Michigan. There were about 75 people there. Not one who I talked to were members of PFA. Some had heard of us. I passed out about 45 of my cards. We will see if that did any good. If we get 4 new members, it wasn't a waste of ink and card stock. (There was one guy who visits the site but has not joined.)
A communist regime has installed itself in our government. You think that was luck of the draw with Van being singled out as a communist blowhard? Look at all 'o'no's "czars". Seriously look at his cabinet! Crooks, commies and socialists, throw in a child molester or two. We have been 'bamboozled' I think is the word 'o'no used. We have been infiltrated at the top by communist and thugs and people think they are going to give up power because the people say so? Because of an 'election'? I don't think so. IF we have an election it will be a very dirty election...---...



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