Allen West an American Patriot is fighting back against Democrat election fraud right now to secure a fair and legal election result. He was ahead by almost 2000 votes late on election night and then the Democrats pulled their fraud like they did in Minnesota against Norm Coleman and in the State of Washington in the Governors race with mysterious ballots appearing after the polls were closed. He is demanding a full recount of these ballots that produced a roughly 4,000 vote swing at the last minute. Sound fishy...well it is ...and it is how Demorats turn close elections. I just donated to his effort to demand a full recount of St.Lucie County votes that mysteriously appeared in favor of ..the Democrat. I hope you will too. Let's don't go down without a fight on this anymore. Allen West deserves our support. Thank you.

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I don't mean to piss anyone off, but, I'm pissed off and consider it to be justifiably so, given our circumstances.


I find it kind of hypocritical to call him an American Patriot when he never said a peep about odumbass and his in-eligibility to serve. I'm not even talking about DOING something about it, he never even SAID anything about it.

I will give Col. Allen West the respect he deserves for serving in our Military to help keep our Country free, however, he fell on his face with his silence about the Resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, Washington, D.C.


All of the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches need to be removed from this planet! The sooner, the better! Has any of you heard anyone in office even COMMENT on the Sheriff Joe Arapio Cold Case Posse and their findings?


Didn't think so. Until one of them does, they are all dead between the ears to me.


I agree with everything you said above, EXCEPT, for the first sentence.

If you, or anyone else, have links to the videos and/or the speeches attributed to West, I will gladly watch/read them and change my position as necessary. I am not one to believe in something on a whim.

I have been involved and watching/listening to ALL players in this dog & pony show and recall nothing of the kind emanating from his lips. I was following West since before his first election. IF I am wrong, I will readily admit it, but, so far, there is nothing I have seen to earn him a pass on the whole "True Patriot" issue. The same can be said of a gal by the name of Sarah Palin and, again, for her unwillingness to go after odumbass on the eligibility issue. I was smitten with her Patriotic talk, but, that's all it is, talk. When I first became aware of these 2 'players' I was impressed.

Now, not so much.

Aside from us 'nobodies', the only folks who fought, and in many cases, are STILL fighting, are Orly Taitz and Sherrif Joe. And you can search engine either of those people and find in a heartbeat the facts of their involvement against the Resident Usurper. Until I can find the same on West, he is no better than the rest of the Government.

By George Spelvin,

Allen West and Tom Rooney are forgetting their oath to “support and defend the Constitution”

"The two retired Army veterans now serving in Congress are taking no action on the refusal of Congress to investigate the problems surrounding Barack Obama’s eligibility to serve as America’s President even though they swore to oaths to protect her Constitution, first and foremost.  Rooney is uprooting his family from Tequesta, Florida, and relocating to Charlotte County so he can run for the newly drawn 17th House District.

A Captain in the Army who taught Constitutional Law at West Point Military Academy, Rooney, of the Steelers’ Rooneys, served a six year stint as Army JAG officer.  As a spirited version of the patriotic song “Yankee Doodle Dandy” played, Rooney’s press spokesman Michael Mahaffey (1-877-762-8762) had no reply when asked if his boss was going to challenge Congressional inaction of investigating Obama’s possible “fraud and forgery” issues around not only the Obama Birth Certificate, but Obama’s selective service registration documents, an item that should spark some interest in an Army JAG officer.

Mahaffey never called back to clarify the irony of his boss taking the Military Oath to first and foremost protect America’s Constitution, but as a former military Constitutional law professor and Army JAG, Rooney is doing nothing about Obama’s eligibility issues!

Now retired Lieutenant Colonel Allen West’s spokesman certainly was more talkative.  He said West is more concerned about “gas prices and getting Americans back to work,” than the failure of Congress to investigate Obama’s eligibility problem.  On and on the young man talked while never once mentioning the Military Oath that states, “I will support and defend the Constitution of the U.S. against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”  Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 clearly states: “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President!”"

To continue playing the political game as Right V. Left is to play right into the hands of true evil. The fight that we SHOULD be fighting is Right v. WRONG! 

A G R E E D  with those who support LTC ALLEN WEST is da man who want back down.

I heard about the dumbass judge this afternoon telling West 'No' to the recount. Knowing Allen West he won't stop at the stupidity of one in-the-pocket-for-the-Dems-bought-and-paid-for-Judge, so to help him continue the fight I am sending money in the AM.

For those of you that would badmouth West, I suggest you do your research before saying anything bad about him. He has been very outspoken against Obama, but he only gets air-time on Fox news and internet sites like Glenn Becks Blaze. The rest of our corrupt mass media refuse to cover him unless he says something they think is terrible and makes Republicans look like cave-men. Keep in mind that what the Left thinks is "terrible", we call the truth. Plus, some folks wanted West to go in and clean-up starting on day one. Even West himself has admitted that he was completely out of his element and his being a rookie really showed. We need people like him so please don't go around bashing him. We have so few that I would gladly share a foxhole with, please keep him out of your crosshairs. Good Leaders are hard to come by!

The St. Lucie Canvassing board has said West's desire for a total recount is Ok'd.

Ditto, I sent him a $100.00 day before yesterday, every person that reads this site, needs to donate, there are a lot of us, and we have maybe, the last brave Patriot, on Mother Earth fighting for his life.  I can go without something, and send him a donation instead, dammit I want to to conitinue to try and save what's left of our Country. Send anything you can, lots of people are huring, and donated so much already, but this is our last chance.  This Man has enough courage to take them on, and not back down.  LET'S SUPPORT HIM, BIG TIME!!!

we are being played, we know they  have

a deal between eachother not to check for fraud? so we need to demand a recount never mind the GOP and the Dem's, the people want a count the two parties are corrupt ? we must help this man to prove a point they can't use us anymore we need a third party called We the People !!!

I donated as well!

-and I like the "We the People" idea- 

They have been rigging these elections for years and you are right, they never really challenge each other.

Yet no matter who gets elected- our Country always loses and more of our Freedoms are always stolen!

you go guy Lets Roll the two corrupt parties have an agreement not to combat  over fraud election, like we don't exist, lets show them we do matter and were Mad and not going to stand it anymore !!!!

we need to rise up and never let him accept the presidency, no way we need to call the cowards in Congress to get off the Azz and expose him for a traitor, and his thugs he appointed all commies


I agree - what specifically do you suggest we focus on ?

OK - thanks.

I have plans to take care of what is needed here and do not plan to ever leave this home. we are far enough out with enough neighbors who will protect each other.

I HOPE we never need the emergency stuff, but it will be there if needed.

I still have some hope that this will not all go the way of WWII Germany and Europe.

There are places around here that could be used as camping areas for those who we would trust not to take undue advantage of our good nature.



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