Allen West an American Patriot is fighting back against Democrat election fraud right now to secure a fair and legal election result. He was ahead by almost 2000 votes late on election night and then the Democrats pulled their fraud like they did in Minnesota against Norm Coleman and in the State of Washington in the Governors race with mysterious ballots appearing after the polls were closed. He is demanding a full recount of these ballots that produced a roughly 4,000 vote swing at the last minute. Sound fishy...well it is ...and it is how Demorats turn close elections. I just donated to his effort to demand a full recount of St.Lucie County votes that mysteriously appeared in favor of ..the Democrat. I hope you will too. Let's don't go down without a fight on this anymore. Allen West deserves our support. Thank you.

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I agree, Twana.


I have come to the same conclusion you have stated above.

Instead of looking to politicians for heroes, we must become the heroes we seek!

We have given 4 years to finding someone in politics to speak the truth and/or do the right thing, yet, too many believe it can still happen. 

After seeing the increase in a politicians wealth since their election, I have decided that the reason they are in politics is to get rich at the peoples expense.

When you look at all the debt we have and look at the amount of increased wealth they have, not counting their salaries, it becomes obvious that they are either being given a piece of the pie that the Fed is baking, or, at the very least, are taking advantage of insider information in order to accumulate additional wealth.

We need to force all those in office out, and find replacements who will do the right thing for the people and not just themselves. 

My health is deteriorating faster, but, for now my mind is still fairly sharp.

I am going to have to rely on speaking the truth to the sleeping populace as my only option for involvement in rectifying this situation we have before us.

If and when it comes to a fight, I will not go out quietly. The way I see it, I only have maybe one fight left in me. If they really think they want it, I WILL give it to them.


I still refuse to believe that this election was not stolen and there SHOULD be a way to prevent BO from taking office again in Jan. --- I just don't know HOW it can be done.

I'm not a "preper", but am fairly well prepared and connected around here.

OK -- Move it or delete it if you like. I guess I can't keep track of what is going on. I asked about what you would like to focus on and I could have sworn that topic was in this forum. 

It's OK -- I do have trouble keeping up with everything and where it goes.



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